He's Got That One Thing

Amber has always had a past. Even though she try's to move on, everything seems to be coming at her full forward. She was just a normal teenage girl who worked at a cafe, but now, all of that might change. It's the summer before she goes off to college, and she has a plan for her life, but will those plans change? She reunites with her best friends, and makes new ones along the way. 5 to be exact. Will these 2 friends find love? Will Amber find closure? And most importantly, what exactly will Amber do, if her past finally meets up with her?


7. The Party

Ambers P.O.V

I ran into the black SUV going straight to the back. I sat next to Zayn, since no one else was in yet. He slipped his head next to the window and closed his eyes. "Off to a another party" He whispered under his breath. Not knowing if he was talking directly to me, or just talking to himself, I decided to ignore his comment.

I guess he was talking to me, because he spoke again. "These things are never as fun as they sound. Too much press to even do anything, I don't even know why we have to do it." I looked out the window. I hated small talk. I was never one for talking to person. It always felt to awkward. "Oh." Was all I managed to spit out. Thankfully the boys came rushing into the the SUV. Niall was first and sat on the other side of me, not before slapping Zayn in the face though. Which tunrned into a brawl between the two, and here I am, stuck in between Zayn and Niall of One Direction, so how could I exactly complain? Harry and Louis sat next to each other, and Liam sat on the end. They all seemed way to tired to go to this party. I would invite them over. No. Scratch that. I wouldn't. Even if they could, I would not want them seeing the place where I lived. They probably had extravegent houses. Maids to pick up after them. I had an apartment. A 2 bedroom apartment. A kitchen the size of a shower, and a shower the size of a closet. My room was ok for size, it wasn't massive, but I didn't need massive. I didn't have much. "How much longer Donnie? I miss Paul!" Louis screamed to the front. "We should be there in 15 minutes. Paul is waiting in the back to sneak you boys back in." Louis looked over to Harry. "I think I might take a little nap on your arm Hazza. Is that ok babe?" He grinned a cheeky grin and they laughed a little, but sure enough he rested his head on Harry's shoulder. These boys. They really cared way too much about making everyone else happy. I can't help but to think how badly these guys could use a break. My eyes started to close. A few minutes later I was awakened by Niall screaming into my face. Well, in to Zayn's face, but since I had fallen asleep on his arm, it was pretty much the same thing. I pulled his sweater and apoligized once he came to. He just stood up and walked out of the car"Not a problem." He smiled at me and put his arm out to help me. I grabbed it and he pulled me down out of the car. I lost my balance and fell into his arms. I don't want it to start sounding cliche, so i'l tell you exactly what happened. When I went to grab his hand, I triped on my boots, and slapped him so he had turned facing me. We bumped heads and then feel right onto the sidewalk. All I saw after that was flashes coming from every direction. Niall ran over to me and reached his hand out. This time, I didn't fall. "You ok, love?" He said to me and gave out a wink. "Yeah. I'm fine." I turned around looking at Zayn getting up from the wet ground. "All over the papers by tomorrow morning, and bet you it will be on twitter in an hour." He started laughing.

We walked in through the back of the building, I'm guessing this was where they had performed a few hours ago, but all I saw was the sidewalk so far, so I wasn't sure. The papp kept asking who I was, "Which one are you with?" was the question that was being asked the most. Niall kept telling everyone I was a friend of theirs and he had brought me as his plus one, but that there was nothing going on with me and him or any of the other mates. I blushed and tried to hide myself in the corner of the room. It worked... for a solid 20 minutes. I know because I was paying attention to my watch. Until Zayn found me.


Zayn's P.O.V

I couldn't find Amber. Where was she? Had she left without saying goodbye? Would she do that? I tried to get out of talking to some lady to go and find her, but that conversation lasted a while.

Finally I found her.

"There you are!"

She looked up to me and slid her phone back into her pocket.

"Here I am!" I smiled and sat next to her. "What are you doing back here? The party is out there." She just looked down to her feet. "Not my type of crowd I guess." She wraped her arms around her chest and leaned back. I couldn't help myself. "Do you have twitter?" She looked up at me really fast. I could only imagine what she was thinking.


Amber's P.O.V

Zayn from One Direction, just asked me, Amber, from The Ruffed Ridge, If I, had twitter. I couldn't believe this. I had to wait a while to see if that had just happened.

Yup. It did. Because he repeated the question.

"Well, do you?" He said with a huge grin.

I just smiled back, acting like it was no big deal. "Yeah, uhm, yeah, I do." He pulled out his Iphone and asked me what my username was. "Its kind of lame." I laughed and then typed it in. "ambersapimp" He said out loud. "Catchy" He smiled and laughed a bit. "Almost like Niall's old bebo." He laughed, but I didn't exactly understand it. A few minutes later, my Iphone beeped. (No, I didn't steal it. The only way I could afford this phone was an account that my dad made for me since I was born. Kris helps to pay for it too.) I looked at my phone and saw it was from twitter.

Zayn Malik 1d @zaynmalik chilling in the back with our new friend @ambersapimp ! #legittimes

And within a few moments, it was being retweeted. And I was getting tweets.

@kittykat1d -@ambersapimp omg! your hanging with @zaynmalik ! Please tell him hi! And that hes hot!

I laughed. I couldn't hold it in. Without thinking. I said it "You're hot." He shot over to me and laughed "Thanks." I blushed. "Uhm, yeah this kitty kat or whatever told me tell you." I studdered, and then just showed him the tweet. He nodded, and looked out to the where everyone else was. Harry was sitting on the couch looking at his phone, Liam was and Louis were talking to press, and Niall? He was at the food table.

We had been here for almost 2 hours now. The most boring 2 hours of my life. It was almost 3 am, and I was tired. I stood up and walked over to Niall. "Thanks for inviting me, uhm, I actually have to go now." He put his plate of food down on the table, and hugged me. "Tanks for coming, we had a good laugh." He smiled his beautiful smile and winked. "Yeah, it was fun." I turned around to see the rest of the boys lining up to hug me. "It was nice meeting you guys" was all i could get out. I knew I would never see them again, and I was greatful for the experience. "Well, we follow your tweets now" Louis said smiling. I smiled back to him. "Yeah mrs ambersapimp" Harry said, also laughing, and then winked at me. "You know, we cant let you walk home, maybe we should go with Paul, and he can drop you off, we should be going too, it's getting pretty late, and we have to be up in a few hours for an interview." Zayn just shot his head up. "I wouldn't want to be any trouble, really, I can just call a cab" There was a voice behind me. "Nonsense. We can drop you off. Whats your address?" I turned around. It must be Paul. "Paul, this our friend Amber." Niall said with a smile on his face. I looked at the rest of the boys who were pushing me along to go. I started to walk on my own. I didn't want them seeing where I lived. I lied. "872 20th Ave." I said. I knew this house. I dreamed of living in a house like that. We got into the car and drove off.

"Here we are" Paul shouted from the drivers seat. I climbed out from the back, and slid out the door.

"This is where you live!?" Louis shouted with his mouth opened wide. "Yup" I smiled at them, but inside, my whole body was turning. This house was huge. It had the white gate, and it was white with dark blue shutters. It had a porch that wrapped around the entire house. And to top it all off, a swinging bench in the front. And in the front yard, a golden pond. I could see the looks on their faces, and they all smiled. I looked up into the front "Thanks for the ride" I waved to the guys and they all yelled bye. I shut the door and started walking towards the door. The SUV drove off, and once I saw that they were gone, I turned around and started running down the sidewalk To Kris' place.

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