He's Got That One Thing

Amber has always had a past. Even though she try's to move on, everything seems to be coming at her full forward. She was just a normal teenage girl who worked at a cafe, but now, all of that might change. It's the summer before she goes off to college, and she has a plan for her life, but will those plans change? She reunites with her best friends, and makes new ones along the way. 5 to be exact. Will these 2 friends find love? Will Amber find closure? And most importantly, what exactly will Amber do, if her past finally meets up with her?


14. She Can Sing

I slipped the book onto the piano. I rubbed my fingers against the keys. They were cold. I looked up to Zayn, he was smiling down at me. I pressed my fingers into the key, and just let the music take over the room for a few moments. 

Then I opened my mouth.


"I fall onto the dance floor, and watch as the music takes you away, cry myself to sleep every night. I watch the clouds in the midnight sky, dance around my head I'll never ever forget the father daughter dance. The way you held my head up high, the last time I saw you, I didn't know it would be goodbye. I cross my hands across your chest, and I watched as you fly, of, ill never forget, that father daughter dance" 

I know its not the best song ever. And it really deserves so much more emotion then what I was giving it. I couldn't even shed one single tear for the sake of this song. I kept belting out the lyrics to the song, hoping that maybe a tear would escape from the lid of my eye. Nothing. 

I ended the song, and the boys were just staring at me. 

I knew what they were thinking. I have no emotion, I'm a soulless teenage girl. I really am. And there is nothing, I or anyone else can do about it. 


Zayn's P.O.V

She was beautiful. Her voice almost identical  to an angles. Her eyes glimpsed against the light every time she tilted her head back to the music. When she played, and sang, she got into it. She could really perform, but I didn't feel, what she was feeling. I couldn't read her facial expressions. It was like she was keeping a poker face on the whole time. And she wouldn't let anyone read her cards. 

As soon as she stopped, I think me and the lads were thinking the same thing.. is she going to cry? I knew this song ment something to her. I knew her history. Well, I knew about her dad. Did the guys know? I haven't told them. Maybe she told Niall sometime last night. I wanted her to cry. But only because it would give me an excuse to make her feel better. Have you ever been drawn to something, or some one, and you don't know why? Amber is drawing me towards her. I am pulling her to me. She just wont let the rope around her. 

I started clapping, and the boys followed. She stood up looking through the window. She looked... surprised? Who was she staring at? 


Amber's P.O.V 

They clapped for me, I stood up to walk over to Zayn, but I noticed a familiar face standing beside the counter. I started to walk toward her. 

(A/N the next chapter will be by my co author! enjoy@) 

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