He's Got That One Thing

Amber has always had a past. Even though she try's to move on, everything seems to be coming at her full forward. She was just a normal teenage girl who worked at a cafe, but now, all of that might change. It's the summer before she goes off to college, and she has a plan for her life, but will those plans change? She reunites with her best friends, and makes new ones along the way. 5 to be exact. Will these 2 friends find love? Will Amber find closure? And most importantly, what exactly will Amber do, if her past finally meets up with her?


31. Sequel


Ok, so everyone loving Take Me Home?? 

I love the song 'Rock Me' like really..

Ok, so here it goes.

The sequel is up! It's not finished, so bear with us, but its up, and will be updated soon! <3

You can find it under the name "Another World Away" 

I'm very excited, because I will be working with IamMrs.Bieber again! 

we are going to work to make this fic, what YOU guys want.

have any ideas? 

please comment! 

I love you all, <3 .xx


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