He's Got That One Thing

Amber has always had a past. Even though she try's to move on, everything seems to be coming at her full forward. She was just a normal teenage girl who worked at a cafe, but now, all of that might change. It's the summer before she goes off to college, and she has a plan for her life, but will those plans change? She reunites with her best friends, and makes new ones along the way. 5 to be exact. Will these 2 friends find love? Will Amber find closure? And most importantly, what exactly will Amber do, if her past finally meets up with her?


12. Intoducing Me:)

Hey i'm Carsyn i'm co-writing!!:) I just wanted to introduce myself!:) Well i'm Carsyn. I love Louis. I'm like his biggest fan. I am writing 3 of my own movellas so if u guys don't mind please read them and tell me how they r? Thanks!!!:) Well bye-bye for now! Thanks<3

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