He's Got That One Thing

Amber has always had a past. Even though she try's to move on, everything seems to be coming at her full forward. She was just a normal teenage girl who worked at a cafe, but now, all of that might change. It's the summer before she goes off to college, and she has a plan for her life, but will those plans change? She reunites with her best friends, and makes new ones along the way. 5 to be exact. Will these 2 friends find love? Will Amber find closure? And most importantly, what exactly will Amber do, if her past finally meets up with her?


30. And now I wave Goodbye

Amber's P.O.V

I could tell Louis and Carsyn were happy. They were so, just meant for each other. Her head fit perfectly in his chest, and he played with her hair, circling his fingers on her neck. I bet this was going to be hard for her, and for me, well, I was just saying bye to some friends. 

We all emptied out of the vehicle, and helped the boys with their suitcases, I couldn't look Zayn in the eye. My eyes were darting, every which direction to ignore his gaze on me. I needed to pull myself together, or I would end up crying like an idiot. 

Our bodies shuffled into the door, and we went through security. They gave me and Carsyn laminated passes to wear. It meant we only had access to the gate, not to the plane. Once we made it through, we still had some time before they boarded their plane. Looking up at a tv screen, I notice a familiar face. Carsyn. 

"Hey Cars, you're on the news!" I stopped right there, looking into the window of a little shop, watching as the news anchor talked about my best friend. Words appeared on the screen 'It wont last!' 

"Yeah, I already saw it this morning. From our date last night." I smiled as they shared a very strong, very love felt kiss. I knew when my friend was in love, and this, this was more than that. I had never seen her smile so wide in my life. I looked up at the couple, and Louis tugged her into his side, and kissed the top of her head. Why can't I have something like that? 

"I'm hungry, can we get some food?"

We all looked at each other, and spoke in unison. 

"Shut up Niall!" We laughed, and went on our way to find a fast food place. 

There were a few girls, who would start to follow us, or snicker  Then the occasional weird fangirl  who would stand by the corner and video tape us. I would definitely be looking for these on youtube later. A few times, we would have the ones brave enough to come and ask if they could get pictures, but to bring my self esteem down, I was the one taking them. Carsyn wasn't too impressed either. But, this was part of his job. If you're dating one of the One Direction boys, you share him with the rest of the world. He isn't just your boyfriend, but he's everyone else's boyfriend too, and that's something, she was going to have to live with. I felt a hand rubbing on top of mine, and I looked up, into eyes of crystal blue. 

"Amber, I'm going to miss you. You're a really good friend." Was it okay to cry right now? Or should I wait until they can't see me?

"Aww! Niall, thank you. You're a good guy. I had an amazing couple of days."
He pulled me in for a tight hug, and flashed a picture of us. Then we did a few more. One of him kissing my cheek, funny faces, and just being crazy. We all stood up, and it was time for them to go to the gate. 

"Why can't you guys just take a private jet?" They all looked at each other, and laughed. What's so funny? I shot them all a confused look. 

"Amber, were not diva's. We don't fly around all the time in private jets. We do when we need to, but not if we don't have to. We do however, love the fact we don't fly coach." Louis smirked, reaching his hand out to Carsyn's again. This was it. This was goodbye. I'd be starting college in a few weeks, and they wouldn't keep in contact. My life, would go back to normal. 

I don't know what Zayn Malik has, but he's got that one thing. That one thing that drives me crazy, but yet at the same time, its what keep me calm. And no matter how much, this was not the life I wanted, I felt he needed to know. 

"Hey Malik!" It was just me and him standing there, and I reached for my phone. "Let me get a picture, yeah?" He made his way over to my phone, and I snapped a picture. "Thanks."

He nods, one final nod, and walks into the terminal. I hug the rest of the boys, and watch as they walk away. I look at the picture of me and Zayn on my phone, and back over to Carsyn and Louis, who are taking their sweet time saying goodbye. I look at his eyes, and how he looks at her with all of his heart, I wish I could have that. I sit down into the chair, waiting for them to just kiss, so I can cry into my best friends arm. 

As I sit down, I look at the picture again. Zayn's looking at me, while I'm looking into the camera, and I notice that look. My eye's flash up to Louis's face again, and I start running to the terminal. 

"Excuse me, what are you doing!?" The woman by the desk jumps out in front of me. 

"I need to get on that plane! Please! I need to-"

"Let me guess, the love of your life is on there, and you need to tell them how you feel?" I try so hard to not cry right then and there. And I don't. I nod my head, slapping a smile on my face.

"Little girl, this is not a movie. You're not allowed on this plane, and thats finale. My heart breaks into a thousand pieces, and I feel the arms of someone around me. I get my hopes thinking it's Zayn, and it turns out to be Louis. 

"Louis! Please! I need your help! I need to tell Zayn how I feel!" His eyes light up, and he digs around in his pocket. He hands me his ticket. 

"Louis...I...I can't take your..." His finger brushed up against my lips. 

"Amber, I can get another ticket. Tell Paul, I'll be there tonight. You need to do this. Go on."

I smile once at him, and make my way to the front of the line. 

"First class." She points her long fingernail at me, and rips off the stub, letting me pass her. Now to find my seat, and then Zayn. 


Zayn's P.O.V

I had my chance, and I ruined it. I could have told Amber how I felt about her, and now its too late. I know she wouldn't feel the same way, and honestly, what was I expecting? That things would be perfect? Far from it. These types of relationships, just don't work for guys like me. I pull out my cell phone, and stare at my wallpaper  its the most beautiful wallpaper ever. Amber sleeping. Sure, it's a little creepy, but if you've ever felt this way, you would understand. A single tear falls onto the screen of my phone. Louis is supposed to be sitting next to me, but he is still saying his goodbye to his girlfriend. I'm so jealous at how easy it is for him to get a girl. 

I close my eyes, and plug the earphones into my ears. Usually, I wasn't into this song, but this pretty much sums everything up. 


"After the laughter passes by
And what remains are shadows of the truth you try to hide
And for our sins left never reconciled
The simple truth is hearts were made just to fail
No matter how we try

If I don't see you again
I only hope someday you understand
Time turns good love to goodbye
I should have told you
It's all it would ever be

And so we face the silence of another memory

And draw the shades down upon a scene we once believed
So before you walk away
And I just walk on out just know

If I don't see you again
I only hope someday you understand
Time turns good love to goodbye
I should have told you
It's all it would ever be

I don't know why
Or are we learning all the way
Or is it all just wasted time
Or someday maybe we will find our way

If I don't see you again
I hope someday you understand
Time turns good love to goodbye
I should have told you
It's all it would ever be

I should have told you
It's all it would ever be"

My eyes flicker open, and she's sitting next to me, staring into my eyes. 

"Hi." Her lips separate from each other, and I reply. 

"Hi. What are you?..."

"I need to tell you something." I nodded, allowing her to go on. 

"The picture we took..you looked at me, the way Louis looks at Carsyn. The way my dad use to look at me." Her eyes starting to fill with tears, and I wasn't sure hoe to react. So I reached over to hug her. 

"No, no, Let me finish. These past few days, I have never been this happy in my life Zayn. My whole life has been hell. I have never had one good thing happen to me." Her eyes were spilling out tears now. And I frowned. I wish she would just let me hug her. "Until I met you." Our eyes found each other, and I felt fireworks shooting from the plane. "I know this is a long shot, but I want to try this Zayn. I would rather fight with you everyday about when I would see you next, then to worry I would never you again. I need you now. I can't let you go.." My eyes looked over at Niall who was motioning me to talk. And Liam smiling a huge grin, and Harry eavesdropping from in front of me. "Ok, you can talk now." Her eyes were red and puffy and crying, she had just cried. She never cries 

"When was the last time you cried?" She stiffened her body. 

"Before my dad died." Her head tilted down, and i brought my thumb to each eyes, wiping away her sadness, and kissed her on the lips. Her hands wrapped around my neck, and I smiled into her. I felt her laugh a little, and I giggled against her. "Thanks for that Mr. Malik." I laughed pulling her head onto my shoulder. 

"Anything for you, babe." 

(A/N Well! Thanks for reading! It's sad to see it finish, but I hope you all like it! Let me know if you'd read the sequel! This was a very fun project for me and my co-author! And i'm going to miss her so much! Thanks for all the support for it, and I hope you liked how it ended! The song used in this chapter ... you should check it out, it's what kind of gave me the idea for this fanfic.! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T90rkdqfIFs ) 




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