He's Got That One Thing

Amber has always had a past. Even though she try's to move on, everything seems to be coming at her full forward. She was just a normal teenage girl who worked at a cafe, but now, all of that might change. It's the summer before she goes off to college, and she has a plan for her life, but will those plans change? She reunites with her best friends, and makes new ones along the way. 5 to be exact. Will these 2 friends find love? Will Amber find closure? And most importantly, what exactly will Amber do, if her past finally meets up with her?


28. Almost Goodbye

Zayn's P.O.V

By the time I'm out of the room, she's gone. My heart sinks when I realize I won't ever see her again. Who am I kidding? I barley know the girl. I don't care though, I knew I felt something for her. I had to find her. I grabbed my phone and room key, and ran out of the hotel room. 

I was coming up to the lift, as soon as it was closing. It would take to long to wait for it to come back up, so I took the stairs. I was running out of breath. Finally I made it to the lobby. I was so close to just bolting out of the front door, but Paul stopped me. 

"Zayn, what are you doing?" His arms holding me back from running through the doors. 

"Just getting some exercise..." I trailed off looking outside, seeing if maybe I could see her somewhere near by, but every girl out there looked the same to me, and none of them looked like Amber. 

"The rest are in the lounge eating, are you all packed?"

I nodded my head, and calmed down. He nodded back, and slapped my shoulder with his big hand. His hand motioned to the lounge, showing me with his fingers, which directions to take to get to the table they were at. 

I slouched my head down, I was upset. Why would Amber just leave like that? Would she do that? Of course she would. It isn't like she feels the same way about you Zayn. She isn't like every other girl, she isn't going to jump at the chance just because your Zayn Malik. 

I turned my head around the corner, and saw them all sitting in the booth. Very happy, and surprised to see Amber in the end. 

"Amber...I thought you left." I scooted next to her, pushing Niall further up against the wall. 

"I couldn't leave without saying goodbye! Plus...Their making me go with to the airport." She giggles that giggle of her's. Its too cute for words. I wrap my arm around her shoulder, and squeeze her tight. 

"Cool."I let go, and look at the menu. 

The waiter comes back with some drinks, and then ask's us our order. 

"Pancakes and some fruit please." Amber smiles up at the male taking our order, and im jealous. 

He has that golden hair, and those green eyes. His skin is paler than mine, and he's not to bad in the body department. In a way, he kind of looks like a Niall version of Harry. A perfect guy for any girl I imagine. She blushes when he flirts with her, and I just want to punch him. Why doesn't the Zayn Malik charm work on her? 


Amber's P.O.V

The wiater, is ok looking, but not my type. I remember what Louis and Carsyn had told me before everyone came down."show him what he could have. make him jealous."  "flirt with someone, i'll watch Zayn, and I will automatically know if he likes you." Louis had told me, he knew Zayn pretty well, and would be able to tell me if he liked me or not. It made me a bit nervous, really. To be fair, I hoped he didn't like me, but not like he would anyways. 

I sent the blonde boy a wink, and watched as he stood there at me with his green eyes sparkling. He was biting the bait, but when he noticed I was with One Direction, and not paying attention to any of the boys, he played along. 


Once we were done eating, we went upstairs to collect our items. Me and Carsyn grabbed the few clothes we had, and watched as Paul yelled at the boys for not being ready ahead of time. Liam was all packed, and leaned up against the wall, texting on his phone while his bags were being out on a pulley and brought down to the lobby. 

"Boys, we do not all have day! We need to leave here in about 8 minutes! Hurry up!" Carsyn nudged me to go to help them, but I felt like I would just get in the way. 

"Babe, do you mind helping me with something?" Louis came to the door motioning for Carsyn to go to him. She smiled huge and walked over to him. To make things not so awkward, I walked over to Liam. 

"Hey." He slipped his phone in his pocket, probably so he wouldn't come off as rude, and responded. 


"So where are you guys off to now?" 

"I think Canada. Paul.....? Canada right mate?" Pauld nods his heads, and sinks into the room. 

"Oh, thats cool." 

"Yeah, Dani's coming to visit out there in a few days, it should be fun." 

"Well thats nice, that you get to fly her out sometimes." 

The biggest smile I had ever seen comes across his face. "Yeah, really nice." He looks up at me, and I don't know why, but I blush. Liam Payne, is the cutest thing on this planet. He's like a puppy. You just wanna cuddle him. 

"Do you ever get lonely sometimes though? Like how do you make it work? The long distance I mean." He shrugs his shoulder, and there's silence for a few moments. 

"I guess I get lonely sometimes, sure, but I'd rather not jeopardise my relationship for a one night thing. I guess, to make it work, you just know that what you feel is real, and trust is the key. I trust her, and she trust's me. All that time we're apart, it means nothing for the time we get to be with each other. It just makes those moment's more special." I smile and look into his eyes. I can tell he really loves this girl. 

"Dani's a really lucky girl to have such a good boyfriend like you ya know. Not many like you." I nudge his arm playfully, and smile at him.

"I think I'm more lucky than her."


He laughs, and i blush, not realizing I had said that out loud.

"Boys come on! We need to be leaving right now!"  

"We're coming!" Harry's voice calls out from his room, and then climbs out with 3 big suitcases. Louis and Carsyn some out, and Carsyn's hair is messy, and she's blushing. She just made out with Louis Tomlinson. Niall and Zayn come out next, and the man by the elevator take their suitcases, and goes off. 

Niall comes up next to me, and takes my cell phone. 

"Niall! Give it back!" He smiles, and I reach out for my phone. 

"Hold on, I'm putting my number in here." He types on his phone, and puts the phone up to his ear. His phone starts playing "A Team" by Ed Sheeran, and he hands me my phone. "And now I have yours." He laughs, and I punch his arm playfully. 

"Great, cause I really wanted you stalking me all the time!" He laughed that intoxicating laugh of his, and we all gathered into the elevator. 

"And me too!"

"Me three!" Harry called from the very back of the elevator. I laughed. I thought for sure, they would have all gotten my number from Liam. That reminds me, I should probably take it off twitter. How'd it get on there anyways? I gave typed my number into Louis phone, and he gave it to Harry. They both called me, so I had their numbers too, and we just waited to get down to the lobby. 

Finally, we were in the Lobby, and Paul was standing in front of the door.

"How about you girls go first, it might take a while for these guys." We nodded, and walked out the door. Some of the girls were asking us who we were, screaming at us, the usual  And I automatically felt bad for Danielle. She had to go through stuff like this, but 10 times as bad. She was the girlfriend. If Carsyn was official with Louis now, she would soon be going through this too. The screaming was oh so loud, and i clasped my hands around my ears, and jumped into the black SUV. I climbed into the back, but Carsyn stayed in the front. She shut the door, and the boys were just now coming from the hotel. 

"Spill." I looked over at Carsyn, and she played dumb.

"What do you mean?" she smiled, but I knew she knew what I ment.

"You know, Spill." 

"Ugh! Alright! Alright! Don't shoot!" I rolled my eyes, and brought my shoulders to edge of the seat in front of me. 

"I think I'm Louis girlfriend." We did the normal teenage girl, excited scream thing, I smiled with her. 

"What do you mean you think?" Her smile started to fade, but the happiness was still there. 

"Well, last night, he took me to diner, and we went for a walk. It was so romantic, anyways, he kissed me Amber! He actually kissed me! He told me I was 'something special' and kissed me! So when we got back, I wasn't sure where we staying, what room I was going to, and Louis grabbed Zayn's room key by accident, so instead of going back to his, we went to Zayns. Anyways, we watched a movie, and stayed up the whole night talking to each other, just laying in the bed. We didn't do anything, just talk." 

"And don't forget about the make out session that happened a little bit ago, up there in his room!" I winked at her and she just blushed. 

"He just hasn't told me if I'm his girlfriend yet. He hasn't made it official." I frowned. I could feel her pain. She didn't want to be just some girl, he took out. She liked him. I could tell he liked her though. 

"Did you guys exchange numbers?" Her smile was back, and she nodded to me. She scooted over to the end of the seat, and the doors swung open. The some what quietness was filled once again with screams. Niall jumped into the back with me, and Liam next to him. Louis sat up next to Carsyn, then Harry. 

"Where am i going to sit?" Zayn yelled into the car, and a sweater was thrown at his back. The body guard behind him picked it up and tossed it in the car. 

"Amber sit up," Niall lifted me up and set me on his lap. Liam scooted over, and Zayn jumped into the car.

We drove off, and a few seconds later, Louis lips were moving in sync with Carsyn's. If that's not making it official, then I don't know what is. Harry and Niall started laughing, and Liam let out a wolf howl. Carsyn flushed pink and pulled away from Louis.

"Did you hear something, love?" Even I had to laugh at Louis and his sarcasm.

I tilted my head against the window of the black SUV. Niall's arms wrapped around me, and I decided to take a nap until we got to the airport.    


(A/N So I tried to make an extra long chapter! This is going to be ending soon, but I think I might want to make a sequel! So, I know I will have to edit this, but what does everyone think so far? Any ships? ) 

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