Melody is 18 and a survivor from her past know shes a poor orphan that wins a chance of a lifetime will she take it though?


10. Unknown caller(Melody's POV)

Once Niall came in he held me tight all I could sob after a while he tried to kiss me. But the phone interrupted us. I decided to get it this time. I got up and answered. "Hello this is Mello," there was a silence um I went to hang up when I scraggly voice came over " Melody we have to tell the truth about your Mother as Fathers death," I looked shocked and said " um can you call later," the other line went dead. I feel down and just st there in shock with the truth. I had to tell Niall whä was going on he needed to know...... " Niall" when he walked in I told him everything I thought I knew.....
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