Melody is 18 and a survivor from her past know shes a poor orphan that wins a chance of a lifetime will she take it though?


4. The Boys

I packed my bags at 3:00 in the morning and I got a running start. Before my foster parents noticied I was gone and yelled my name in anger. UH OH!!!!! Before they could catch up I was in a taxi using the $200 to my benefit!!! I was do excited yet so scared. When I got to the place where the tour bus I payed the driver and got out they were probably sleeping I thought so I went to the Burger King next store and wouldn't you know it the boys were up and ordering I laughed and screamed. They just about lost there knickers until they saw it was me. I laughed hey guys as if they had practiced. "Hey Melody" I smiled " Hey boys" after we all ordered we ate and talked I love them. This is what I found out Liam is deathly afraid of spoons and loves toy story. Niall the cutest one loved one thing food,Harry is a huge flirt, Zayn is the mysterious cutie and last but not least there was Louis although I all I know about him is his funny and he has a big bum HEEHEHE!!!! Once we had eaten we went to the tour bus were low and behold my foster parents were standing. I screamed and started to cry they looked at me with pure why was that emotion pleasure. They looked at me and handed me my moms jewelry and my parents money that my parents had left for me. I was shocked they took that to there advantage we knew you were leaving and we just wanted you to know be careful. Then my foster mom whispered " Bpys can and will break our heart" I nodded and the boys and I got in the tour bus we were off.
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