Melody is 18 and a survivor from her past know shes a poor orphan that wins a chance of a lifetime will she take it though?


5. On the Road

Soon as we were on the road I found myself right at home and Niall kept staring at me when I caught him turned away blushing I was shocked did he like me too. Then Harry came up to me "hey want a proper greeting," I just laughed and then it settled in and I started to blush apparently he took the blush as yes and threw me over his shoulder and I started laughing so hard " put me down Harry" then he said " stop playing hard to get," Then I noticed all the guys were staring I laughed " uhh hi there," Don't mind me Im just hanging over Harry's shoulder," and I muttered " unwillingly" then all the boys attacked harry oh my gosh! I laughed as pushed ten away ten I ran to my room crying so hard and I locked the door sobbing. All of a sudden I heard silence all the guys were worried I was hurt. Next thing I knew had Niall at my door. " Hey Melody are you okay" I just kept sobbing and then I had an Idea. I opened the door and grabbed Niall he yelled and I locked hi in here. " uh Hi," he said "SHHHHH!!!" he was quiet and then I listened I did a moan and a fake scream then I kissed Niall right on the mouth and on the cheek messed his hair up and threw him out act lovesick oh and take a shower I whispered he nodded still stunned from the kisses. When walked out I heard Harry say " Heyyyy no fair," So I opened the door and did the same thing with Harry. Soon the whole tour bus knew it was a fluke I enjoyed while it lasted:)!
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