Melody is 18 and a survivor from her past know shes a poor orphan that wins a chance of a lifetime will she take it though?


12. My true past ( Melody POV)

When I answered the phone. I did it with a smile.
" hello"
The man answered and said "my name is not required for this convorstation just remember that. Okay hers what happened. When you were 5 years old you were in your room playing dolls when a drunk rapist came in and wanted to take you. He grabbed you but your mom kicked him in the balls and he feel down momentarily your mom stuck you in the closet and the man grabbed your mother with you watching and tried to rape her," a sob escaped my lips as he continued, " your father ran in and tried to save your mother but stabbed him and then he went back to trying to rape your mom ou screamed darlin' saving your mom. She stabbed him and then later that day died of a deadly heartattack. The last thing she said was tell Melody the truth when she can understand," then I yelled at him tears in my eyes. "Why tell me now. Who are you," there was silence than the words I heard were " an old friend," the phone went dead and so did I. I kicked Niall out of my room tears streaking and constantly sobbed. I needed my time and Niall gave it to me. I needed something to take the pain away so I called Niall. He came in and I I I I I kissed him alright and then it started getting hot but I wanted to wait so I kisse him, got up and took a shower just thinking of the day I have had.
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