Melody is 18 and a survivor from her past know shes a poor orphan that wins a chance of a lifetime will she take it though?


8. Memories

There I was 6 years old with the babysitter playing my little pony and watching spongebob when I get the call. My call from my mommy I pick It up and say" MOMMMY" she screamed back " give me the babysitter" next thing I know I'm at the hospital being told that I needed to say by to mom. Years later I found out that it was a car accident that killed my father and mother drunk driver they said...... I'm on the ground sobbing when my phone rings and I run screaming from the room. What else can I do? And know I'm on my bed sobbing and I here the doror open but I just keeping crying screaming mom and dad over and over until Niall walks in.
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