Melody is 18 and a survivor from her past know shes a poor orphan that wins a chance of a lifetime will she take it though?


6. In Love

The next day I woke up happy wait Jo was next to me? Oh right Niall I forgot he came in last night scared or something and layed down. I kissed his head and he woke up. "soooo" I said. He looked up smiled and then said "Will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded and kicked him out and told him not tell the boys until I was with him I love my Irish boy. Anyway after he left I reflected on what had happened I had won a contest and say in a seat that caused me to be on this tour bus and know I am in a relationship with NIALL HORAN!!!!!! When I got out a A lacy short dress and curled my hair I skipped out and then stopped. There in the hallway was Niall on the floor... okayyyyyy. I shook him and he realized it was me. He smiled and kissed me asking for entry... "No" I whispered " I am not making out with you... yet," he pouted and I saw all the boys were on the couch watching tv. The Zayn asked " What were doing in there," I smiled and bit my lip turning Niall on and making the boys more curious. After a couple of seconds I said "uh this" and kissed Niall. They said so your togeather. We nodded and louis and his big bum got up and hugged me. Then Zayn,Liam, and last of all Harry came up and said "Im still here when he gets boring" looking Niall up and down I laughed and so did he. I decided to tease both Niall and Harry so I grabbed Harry and kissed him. Niall rolled his eyes knowing the intention he knew me to well already. Bur t least he didn't know my biggest secret and he probably never will
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