dance with me tonight

Taylor thought her trip to london was just to dance on tour for one direction but it is way more . find out who she falls for and who discoveres her past.


1. The invite.

"Hey Taylor can i talk to you?" my dance teacher jade ask me. " yeah whats up " i say. " well you know that boyband one direction, right? well they are looking for some dancer for their summer tour and i was wonder- " i cut her yellling " YES! "  everyone i know, knows im in love with them. the rest of class i had the worlds biggest smile on me face. I  drive over to maddies house, shes my best friend. ive been living with her for awhile. Ive had a bad past. Long story short my brother is a druggie, my sister die of lung cancer , and my mo die in a car crash when i was only 13. Then my dad well not much he left when i was 12. Im 17 now. I also have scars on my wrist from when i use to cut myself. But all this bad stuff is behind me cuz dance has save me. i dont have a lot of boyfriends im not pretty or super skinny. plus im real and they cant handle the truth, all they want are fake hotties who think there all that. // On my way home i got a text from jade explaining everything i needed to know. I couldnt wait to tell maddie.I burst inside telling everyone to get into the living room. i couldnt hold it in anymore. " ive been asked to go on tour with one direction as a dancer." i basiclly yell. " thats amazing " maddies mom says  . " wait im not finish" i say. " i also get two plane tickets to london so that means me and a guest, plus they pay for everything." " even better" maddies dad said . " do you think maddie can come with me?" " well who else would" maddies mom says. maddie and i are jumping around singing prasises to them. with that news we give them a kiss goodnight and head to our room even though all we are gonna do is fangirl. We are up for hours talking anything there is to talk about. " hey tay." maddies says " yeah " " do you think we will find our summer love with one of the boys?" " maybe" " i hope" she says before we fall fast alseep.

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