dance with me tonight

Taylor thought her trip to london was just to dance on tour for one direction but it is way more . find out who she falls for and who discoveres her past.


2. Ready for this.

" Taylor, Taylor wake up" maddie yelled at me

''WHAT!" i said while gettin up and rubbing me eyes.

" We need to go shopping for new clothes for london."

" alright ill be done when im done getting ready."

I checked my ipone and I had two to texts. one from jade " Hey girly one directions manerger has sent the two plane tickets in the mail they should be there soon also with all the other information. Im so proud of you!" the other text was from some radnom number.

" Hi taylor im Paul  i work with one direction. We are all very excited to meet you. even the boys. Now ive sent you a package with all the information. see you in a couple of days." oh my god did that really just happen. i texted paul back a smiple " thanks i cant wait"

i showered then i put on my high wasited black shorts with my neon green sneakers and my amazing sipder man tank top. i brush my long blonde hair with the red underneath.  my hair was always straight. i put on light make-up. I was never into make up. i walked downstairs to see maddie sitting and waiting for me. maddie was beautiful shes has medium leght hair always wavy she had blues eyes.. she was wearing her red skinny jeans with her black toms and a forever young crop tee.

" finally" maddie says " ive been waiting for hours" she jokes. with that we left for the mall.

** hours later **

We arrived home with tons of bags in our hands. maddies mom had told me that there was a package for me on the counter. I find the package and rip it open to find all of the information i need for this trip. It has the hotel we will be staying in, the two plane tickets with the time and day of its leaving, it also came with the tour dates so i know where we will be heading, and last was the day and place i had to be to pratice the dance. This summer is really good be somthing.


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