Live while where young, Book 2

Book 2 in the Seires Stay up all Night.
It's been three years since the "Kidnapping" and Kristin Weathers can't wait for what's next. Collage and taking the next step with Harry. Only things don't go as planned and she finds herself questioning her and Harry. When Harry starts seeing and old flame and Kate does something so stupid it changes there lives forever.
In the mist of all this Kristin finds herself falling back into the arms of Liam Payne. Even though they both tell eachother they have moved on. That dosent stop them.
****Warning****** If you haven't read the first book you need to or you will be confused. Thanks!


8. The date and the SURPISE!

"Come in!". I say almost to excited. He walks in.
" How are you?". He ask. I smile and say "great! You?". He chuckles and replys.
"Im lovely".
He comes in and takes a seat. " So what do you want to do?" I'm so nevrous I'm jumping at his every word. "Are you okay?" he comes up to me and rubs my back. I want to pull away but for some reason he makes me feel better with him touching me. " Yeah". When I take a deep breathe and put on my poker face I pull away because he dosent. " Maybe shopping an then lunch". I say.
He shakes his head. " Thats not the Kris I know.Come on". He grabs my hand and takes me to his car.
" I seen the heart". I know what he's talking about as soon as he mentions it.
"How?". Then I remember all the pictures and wonder how much the photo is worth. " Everywhere. First seen it on E! Then Twitter and so on". I give a slight moan.
"Whats wrong with that?".
" I don't want the whole world to know everything". He smiles and I'm charmed.
" Its what you signed up for when you started dating". I nod. " I know. But that doesn't mean it's not annoying".
The rest of the car ride is slient. He takes me rock climbing and it was horriblely scary.
But he got me up there and I'm still alive. We then go shopping for my birthday dress.
" You look beautiful". He says when I walk out. "Choose that one". So I do and he pays for it even though I'm very against it.
And he doesn't let me take it off. " Im taking you out to dinner you have to wear it". So I do my hair and refresh my hair.
When I'm done I get the suprise of a lifetime. " Harry just said he was going to take you to dinner so I'll leave". He hugs me and kisses me on the cheek. " Thank you".
I mummble. Good thing I was dressed nicely. I hope he liked my dress. I wanted to wear it to my birthday party that was a couple days away.
Harry arrives and blind folds me. " Harry it's just dinner". I try to reason with him. "No it's a special dinner".
We arrive and he guides me to the curb.
" Okay". He takes it off and steps back getting on one knee.
He pulls out a little black box and opens it.
I forget how to breathe and freeze.
" Oh, Harry!".
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