Live while where young, Book 2

Book 2 in the Seires Stay up all Night.
It's been three years since the "Kidnapping" and Kristin Weathers can't wait for what's next. Collage and taking the next step with Harry. Only things don't go as planned and she finds herself questioning her and Harry. When Harry starts seeing and old flame and Kate does something so stupid it changes there lives forever.
In the mist of all this Kristin finds herself falling back into the arms of Liam Payne. Even though they both tell eachother they have moved on. That dosent stop them.
****Warning****** If you haven't read the first book you need to or you will be confused. Thanks!


6. Really? Again!

I woke up with a sweet note on the pillow.
" Follow the rose petals- Harry".
I smiled and jumped out of bed. A single rose was also attached to the note.
I smelled it and looked down at the line of roses leading me from my side of the bed to the door.
As I walked down to the door I picked up every rose. When I opened the door the roses contiuned to lead to the door. I picked everyone up every rose. On the door was another note.
"Im waiting. Follow the music. -Harry".
I opened the door and heard the song wish you where here by Cody Simpson. I walked to the balcony and seen Harry in the middle of a heart. The heart was made of roses and there had to be over a 200 roses.
Harry was holding a radio and singing along. He changes the song to Gentalmen also by Cody Simpson.
I start laughing.
" I swear I'll be the luckest man". He sings. "If I could be your gentalman".
By now there's a crowd gathering taking pictures and video taping what's happing. But all that matters is him.
He changes the song to got me good once more by Cody but places the radio in the heart an makes his way to me.
" I wanna know what it feels like to run my fingers threw your hair". He runs his fingers threw my hair and sings to me.
" I wanna know what drives you wild". I mouth " you". To him.
" So tired of the same old thing imma need something new in my life".
" You got me good girl".
"So bad".
The song ends and before he can talk I jump in his arms and kiss him.
I hear clapping but ingore it. He leads me to the apartment. "Im sorry". He says. It feels better having some private time.
" Me too". He burshes my hair out of my face and kisses me once more.
"Lets look for a place today". I nod. I race to our room and get some clothes. While I'm in the shower I can't help but relize how lucky I am. I have an amazing boyfriend and friends who love me. My life plans our not mApped out the way I wish they where but that's okay with me. I'm going to figure it out.
My birthday is in less then a week and I'll be 19. Another chapter closed. Everything is going to be okay.
I'll move in with Harry and tell him I'm going to go to school. We will work put our probelms with that. Whatever they are. Mine and Harrys problems are small. Nothing to worry about.
After my shower I get out and instead of finding my boyfriend I find a note. I've been finding a lot lately.
" I have to work with the boys. But call one of the girls and go have some fun. Call me. I love you".
I sigh. Are we ever going to get a place? I grab my phone and start dialing.
" Hey. Wanna hangout?". I ask Kate.
" Im sorry I have class. Sorry. I love you".
I try another one.
" Elle. How are you.?".
I call Louis girlfriend. Eleanor Calder. She's amazing.
"Im good. I miss you!". She is so sweet and funny
" Not as much as I miss you. Let's hangout".
" I can't I'm working but maybe later".
I call Danielle. Liams girlfriend.
" Hey honey". I say.
" Hi, Kris. How are you?". She ask. She's just as sweet.
"Im good. I was wondering if you wanted to go get some lunch?". I ask.
" I'd love to only I'm with family. But liams free and really bored so I'll send him over". My heart sinks.
"No it's okay". I try to reason with her.
"Liam said he'd love to hang out. Bye!". She hung up before I could protest.
Great. Now she wants me to hangout with my ex. And we dated for like 5 hours. But that dosent matter. We still have something.
"I would love to hangout". The text is from Liam.
"Great :)". I reply back.
Not really.
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