Live while where young, Book 2

Book 2 in the Seires Stay up all Night.
It's been three years since the "Kidnapping" and Kristin Weathers can't wait for what's next. Collage and taking the next step with Harry. Only things don't go as planned and she finds herself questioning her and Harry. When Harry starts seeing and old flame and Kate does something so stupid it changes there lives forever.
In the mist of all this Kristin finds herself falling back into the arms of Liam Payne. Even though they both tell eachother they have moved on. That dosent stop them.
****Warning****** If you haven't read the first book you need to or you will be confused. Thanks!


5. Pinkie promise.

" Kate what do I do?". I freaking out. And every word coming out sound like baby talk and it's not the cute kind.
She holds humor in her eyes. " Your lips are so big they look like butts!". She bust out laughing.
"Kate! Focus!". She trys to stop laughing.
" Lets get ice". We get ice and I apply it to my lips but I know it's not going to help. This night is ruinned.
" I have to go". I hope he understands. He will. I know he will. Harry loves me. He's funny,charming, seet, romantic and very talented. And that wasent even enough to describe the wonderful Harry styles I've grown to love.
Kate drops me off at the hotel and wishes me luck. I get a key from the front and head up to our room. Of course I knock on the door to give him a little warning. After a minut or two I hear a faint "come in". I unlock te door ad vanilla scented candles fill my nose. It smells great. I can't help but smile. But I am hiding my lips with the ice wraped into a rag.
I look at the ground and follow the rose petals. When I look up at Harry. I bust out laughing.
He has a lamp shade on top of his private part and he's like in this porn star pose with his hands behind his head and legs spread open.
" What?". He ask nevrous.
" You look like a porn star". It only sounds like " moo look Ike a pomn star".
" What?". He ask confsed. Not thinking I pull the ice away and say it again. He jumps up and runs over to me.
" Oh my friggin British boy!". What?
" Are you okay?". He sounds so cute with his cute accent when he's worried.
I nod. I look down and Oh my friggin British boy!
I point to his boner.
He looks away ashamed. " The boys gave me a boner thing. It turns me on without really being turned on".
I pause and then start laughing. He looks at ne and starts laughing as well. That night we just held eachother and laughed making fun of ourselves. We took care of eachother and share similar stories from our childhood.
Just being in his arms was enough. When I said the words I love you I always thought it would be hard to say thouse words but when I say them to Harry it's easy. When I'm with him the world seems right. And I feel nothing but love. He makes me a better person.
To fans he's the guy of there dreams. To a few out there he really means something but to me?
I would give everything to be with him. I would die for him.
So that night didn't go as planned but it was perfect.
Laying in his arms laughing at ourselves was enough.
" Promise to love me forever, no matter what?". I sweetly but honestly ask Harry.
He looks at me like I'm foolish.
" I pinkie promise. Do you?".
I look at him like he's foolish.
" I pinkie promise".
The next morining my lips are back to normal and so is Harrys manhood. " I don't think we should plan having sex". He looks down at me worried.
" Do you not want to? I'm sorry if I pressured you!". I smile. " No. I want to. I'm saying that we should plan it. Let's just let it happen. We can carry condoms in our wallets and purses. Keep tem in bathrooms. But let's let it happen". He sighs relief and kisses my forehead.
" I agree".
We both head back to the house and Harry ha the day off so we hire someone to show us around the area and he'll us look for a place.
We want a penthouse. I tell Harry we don't have to even though I do want one. He can look me in the eyes and tell I want one.
" So the guy will be by here at noon". He kisss my nose okay.
" Im going to hang with the guys tell noon". He gets up kisseing me goodbye.
"Okay. I love you. Don't be late and keep your phone near,have fun!".
" I will. I love you baby".
He walks out the door. So for the rest of the time. I clean. Louis isn't a neat freak so I do some good house hold cleaning.
Noon is in five hours so I do some deep cleaning to past the time and then get some shopping done.
Time is passing slowly and we still have two hours. So I do my collage work.
I get a few messages from my teachers saying that they would love to get to know me and hope I come back.
When I get done with my work I grab a quick shower and change. I make sure to put on some makeup to look very pretty for Harry. And soon noon rolls around but Harry dosent come.
When it's one I give him the first call.
I get his voice mail.
" Hey babe it's me. Your an hour late and sleeping on the couch if you don't get home to me now, I love you". That message was playful. But when time rolls over and it's three and the I have to cancel I leave five messages total.
And I wasn't do nice.
I even call Louis but he says he's with Elle and isn't coming home tonight.
I fall asleep on the couch and when I wake up it's dark out.
Harry strolls in.
" Hey baby". He comes in for a kiss but I move away.
" Where the hell where you?". I demand.
" I ran into an old friend and got to talking. I'm sorry".
" Your sorry! Harry it's 6:00 I have been waiting for you for HOURS! You don't call back anwser my text or anything".
It was really strange. Harry is the most sweetest person I have ever known.
He always thinking about others. He hates it when someone crystal and sees them hurt. Harry isn't the lying type.
But why wouldn't he call me or text? I wouldn't have cared.
" Well I said I wa sorry! Can't you just take that. I wasent Doing anything wrong!". He barks back.
Why is he being so defenseive? The only thing he did wrong was not call.
And I would get over it. But harry means the world to me. And I got worried.
" Stop! I never said you did anything wrong. The only thing you did wrong was not call me and say hey don't worry I'm fine gunna be late,love you".
I snap back him. It's not even Harry. He is NOT this person. He's fun and bubbley and a dork. He's romantic and such a flirt. My funny man. My softy who calls mummy everyday.
Not yelling Harry.
" Your so JEALOUS!". He grabs his keys and walks out slamming the door.
That night I go to bed crying. Our first fight. We agure sometimes but not like this.
And the bigger question started to form.
Who is the old friend?
" Its not that big of a deal, Kris!". He yells back. It's kind of cute when he gets mad.
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