Live while where young, Book 2

Book 2 in the Seires Stay up all Night.
It's been three years since the "Kidnapping" and Kristin Weathers can't wait for what's next. Collage and taking the next step with Harry. Only things don't go as planned and she finds herself questioning her and Harry. When Harry starts seeing and old flame and Kate does something so stupid it changes there lives forever.
In the mist of all this Kristin finds herself falling back into the arms of Liam Payne. Even though they both tell eachother they have moved on. That dosent stop them.
****Warning****** If you haven't read the first book you need to or you will be confused. Thanks!


12. Note

" It just dosent make any since". I'm crying like a baby into Harrys chest.
And for some reason he is more then happy to listen and hold me. Not that he hasent ever been.
It's just I've been doing this for an hour or more.
If I was me. I would tell me to stfu and move on.
But the old me isn't as gaurded and closed off.
I share how I feel more an I consider what and how other people feel.
Harry is my hero.
My soul mate.
"You guys will be friends very,very soon. I promise. You've had fights Luke this before". He tries to sooth me.
" This was way worse Harry. She's having a baby. And getting married. This is not going to be sloved in a day".
Just then Harrys phone rings. I move off of him and wipe my tears away.
Harry gets up and gets his phone.
"Hello?". He says happily.
He's such a wonderful person. He's strong when I am weak. Faithful when I began to question.
Sweet all the time. Stren when I'm being unreasonable. Caring everyday. Funny with every breathe.
Understanding and comitted. A hard working,talented young man. Loving with no end.
The list go's on and on. I really am lucky.
"I'll see you then. Love you too mom". He hangs up and stands in front of me.
"Guess who that was?". He ask excited.
"Your mom". I say.
"Yup and she has great news".
"Shes buying us a new couch?". I ask being scarcastic.
He smiles and rolls his eyes.
"No. She's having a family ruinon". I smile.
"Thats great hun. When will you be back?".
I'm glad harrys going. He needs to see his family. Even though the thought of not having him around hurts he needs it.
"WE will be back in a few days!".
My smile fades.
"We? As in One Direction?". I ask.
"No. Well yes bit by we I mean us. You and me. Me and you".
"Me and you?".
"Yup". He seems happy.
Me? Ha. I'm worried. His family. I've meet his mother and stepfather and sisters and stuff. But having the family get together? Oh no.
"How much of your family?".
" Whole".
Ohhh great!
"You look sick. Why do you look sick?". His smile fade.
" Because there going to hate me". I say.
He huffs and takes a seat next to me placing a hand on mine.
"They are going to love you. Just like I do".
I smile.
"You think?". He nodds.
"I know. So let's pack. Our flight leaves tomorrow. And it's going to be cramped. All of 1D is coming as well".
I turn my hand sharpley back to him. "So just One Direction?". I say.
"And there girlfriends". I moan. That means Kate.
I get up while Jarry gets into the shower and pack for him. I'm folding the last of Harrys jeans when I feel something in his pocket.
Pulling it out I read it.
"Meet me at five. -Kayy :) ".
My heart sinks.
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