Live while where young, Book 2

Book 2 in the Seires Stay up all Night.
It's been three years since the "Kidnapping" and Kristin Weathers can't wait for what's next. Collage and taking the next step with Harry. Only things don't go as planned and she finds herself questioning her and Harry. When Harry starts seeing and old flame and Kate does something so stupid it changes there lives forever.
In the mist of all this Kristin finds herself falling back into the arms of Liam Payne. Even though they both tell eachother they have moved on. That dosent stop them.
****Warning****** If you haven't read the first book you need to or you will be confused. Thanks!


3. Not as planned.

Okay so last night was a bust. The boys gave us a copy of the tape and told us it was no use to try and get them to destroy it.
So I smiply kissed Harry and grabbed the tape saying " Lets go make love to our almost love making tape". I walked towards OUR! room and Harry followed behind playfully smacking me on the ass.
We then went into the room and made soft moan sex noises and then over time they grew louder.
We heard the boys knock on the door and I grabbed a robe over my clothes and messed my hair up.
It looked like we just had sex.
I opened the door.
It was Louis.
" I just wanted to make sure you guys where......SAFE!".
Zayn popped from around the conor and threw condoms at me.
" Use PROTECTION!". They shouted and ran away. I turned and looked at Harry.
" We are covered for tonight". I say as he pulls me to the bed abd lays onto of me.
" I think we need a bigger size though" he pulls a condom out of my hair and shows it to me.
It says small.
I bust out laughing and kiss him.
My phone goes off and I know who it is.
I groan anf grab it. " Hello, angel". I chime to Kate.
" Hey baby doll just in time for OUR girl time".
" Okay. Ha. I get it no boyfriend tag along's. Do you want to carpool?".
" Im already at you place".
" Im coming".
I hangup.
Harry puts his lips on my nose and rubs my back.
" I don't want you to go". He wines.
" I have to. Plus it's our night so I have to sexy up for you". He kisses my nose and I get up.
" You don't have to sexy up. You already are sexy". I grab my purse and head to the door.
" I love you". He says.
"I love more"
" Not likely".
I smile and head out the door.
I really do hope Harry loves me because things don't go as planned
Kate and I first go shopping and I tell her my and Harrys plans.
" Well it dosent always go as planned. Naill and I tried to plan ours. Disater. I started my peiord that day and he was so sick. Threw up all over me".
We laugh.
Right now where shopping at Victorias Sceart for the both of us something sexy to put on for our boys.
" Well our first time won't be like that". I try to convince myself.
" Well maybe not. But these things just have to happen. Can't always plan them".
I know she's right.
" Hi can I get a picture?". We don't know who she is but we are guessing fans. We both take pictures with her and her friend.
We leave the store.
I bought a pink and black lacy bra and panty set. A couple of other things but I plan on wear the pink and black set.
Next we go to the spa.
We get our nails done and our hair. We both get binki waxes and make sure we are clean and ready for our boys.
We also get this new lip treatment cream added. It's supposed to make your lips super soft and anti age.
It was just for fun.
Next is lunch.
" So did you talk to Harry about collage?".
" No not yet but I will".
" Where are you guys going to do it?". She ask changing the subject when she relizes I'm not going futher into it.
" At the Plaza Inn". I beam. It's the best hotel in LA.
" Me and Naill did "it" there. Room 316". I make a yuck sound.
" What was it like?". I ask interstead. It's my first time. I'm a virgin. But I know Harrys not.
"Not like in the moives I'll tell you that. I see a diffrence in your lips". She points out.
" Really?". She nods.
" Yours just look shiney".
My phone goes off and it's a text from Harry saying to meet him at the hotel in 20.
" Yeah and it's getting worse".
She goes through her purse and fishes out a mirror.
I gasp out in horror. As stupid as it sounds I do.
My lips are HUGE. They look horrible.
I have like duck lips but plumper. And not the good kind.
" Oh my gosh I have to meet Harry in 20 minutes!".
This is bad, very, VERY bad.
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