Live while where young, Book 2

Book 2 in the Seires Stay up all Night.
It's been three years since the "Kidnapping" and Kristin Weathers can't wait for what's next. Collage and taking the next step with Harry. Only things don't go as planned and she finds herself questioning her and Harry. When Harry starts seeing and old flame and Kate does something so stupid it changes there lives forever.
In the mist of all this Kristin finds herself falling back into the arms of Liam Payne. Even though they both tell eachother they have moved on. That dosent stop them.
****Warning****** If you haven't read the first book you need to or you will be confused. Thanks!


15. Hitting the fan

When we land everyone is tired,cranky and hungry. I'm in sweat pants and a red shirt with a winkey face. My hair is down and wavy. Its morning in LA so its nighttime in the UK. We all get ina cab and make our way to Harrys house. When we get there Anne greets us all with hugs and kisses. I love being a part of her family.

Shes amazingly sweet. "Come in. Shh everyone else is asleep". She guides us in and we all tiptoe to the rooms we will be sharing. The girls with Gemma. Harry will be staying in his old room and Liam will be rooming with him. The other boys in the guest rooms. When I get into the room Gemma is asleep on her bed. Her fouton is laid out and made nicely. I stick my stuff on the floor and tip toe back into the living room. I peek around the side and catch Harry with his mom talking. I can't hear what they are saying but Harry wipes his eyes And hugs his mom. "Spying isn't nice". Ijump. Iturn around and look at a bursed up Liam. "You should take your own advice". I cross my arms. "Are you still mad at me?". He pouts. "Liam stop playing around. I was never mad. My boyfriend just dosent want us to be alone". His face grows annoyed. "Is he scared I'm going to steal you away?". I shurg. "I don't know. But I don't think that we should be alone all the time". He pokes my stomach. "So like a mistriss but I would be your misteress". I giggle at this. "Nope. Just friends.". "Hey babe" Harry pips from around the side and grabs my waist pulling me to him. "Night Liam.". He says turning me around grabbing my hand and walking me to his mother. "Hey how are you?". I ask her. "I'm good a little tired but I'm good you?". "I'm good, well I'm, gunna go off to bed". I hug her and she kisses me on the cheek. "I'll talk to you tomorrow sweetie". I nodd a reply and walk up the stairs with Harry trailing along with me. "I love you". I say with a kiss goondnight. When I get into the room Gemma is fast asleep and Kris is on the edge of the bed. I scoff and get in bed. Also getting on the edge. •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~••~•~•~ When I wake up I'm the only one in the room. So I grab a cute yellow sun dress with a small yellow belt and yellow heels. I go for natural wavy hair. I hop down stairs in a good mods un aware of the day that awaits me. Most of everyone is in the kitchen cooking,laughing and sharing smiles. And it makes me happy. Only I'm mad at my bestfriend. "Hey georous!". Gemmas face lights up and she makes her way to me with open arms. I embrace her in a hug. "How are you sweets!". She ask me. "Better now that your here". I say. "Same here. Hungery?". I nodd as she walks me to the bar and we take a seat. "You look good". Liam says. "Thank you". I say back. Harry sends Liam a sharp look and I glance down pretending nothing happened. "Ive got a while day planned for us". Gemma proudley states. The smell of bacon has my mouth watering. "Really. What are we gunna do?". I ask. I've missed Gemma. She's just so sweet and fun. Everything about her is happy. And that makes me happy. "Shopping, lunch tours. It's going to be great". I smile. "Just. Like. You". I tap her nose. "Why don't you invite Kate". Harry says. "Im sure Kate has things to do". I say. It's awkard because everyone is in the kitchen. Including Kate. "Nope not a thing. I would love to". She proudley presents herself like a queen. I fake a smile. After breakfest Gemma, Kate and I pile into the car and make our way to the stores where we shop and tour around. We are out for about four hours when we are called back for dinner. So we get back to the house where all the ladies are in the kitchen cooking and the boys grilling outside cracking jokes. "Kate will you bring that plate of meat outside with me please". She nodds and grabs the plate. "You know you should talk to Kate about it". I turn towards Harrys mom. "About what". she kneeds bread. "About what's wrong". "Theres nothing wrong". I state. "Kristin I'm not falling for it. Talk to her. Maybe your not mad at her. Maybe your mad at yourself because she has what you want". I was going to ask her what she thought it was I wanted when they walked back in. "Gemma come outside and help me with the yard". She pulls Gemma outside with her. I began to mash the patotos while she kneeds the bread. "You know how you made a bad choice and I got mad at you. Well. I'm sorry.". I say. She turns to me. "I didn't make that bad of a choice. And I don't like that you said I ruined my life". "Well I don't like that you did ruin your life!". "I didn't ruin my life. I just got one without you!". "I don't want to be apart of your life. It's fucked up!". I yell at her. "My life! My life is egged up?! you need to wake up and smell the roses! You can barely keep Harry. Your a horrible girlfriend no wonder he hasent cheated!". At her words I'm raged. So I throw mash potatos at her hitting her dead in the face. And she throws fresh bread at me. And within five minutes we have a full on food war. Then everyone comes in and watches the drama. "At least I'm not a whore!". I yell at Kate. "At least I'm not going to collage behind my boyfriends back!". "At least I didn't kiss Zayn!". "You kissed Liam more then two times!". She yells back. "Your the whore!". She says. "You hopped between boys. I would be surpised if you've selpt with him!". "Because Harry sure as he'll dosent want you. How could he. How could any one love you. Such a mess of a person!". My eyes are pouring tears and my heart is breaking. I walk up to Kate and slap her. "Kristin!". Harry snaps at me, grabing my arms and pulling me back. Kate holds her cheek and tears fall down her face as well. "I have never hated you in my life. But today I do. I will never forgive you". I say running outside. "Kristin! What happended?". "Kristin are you having a baby?". "Kristin did Harry dump you?". "Kristin what's wrong" the reporters bumbared me with pictures and questions. "Kris get in!". I look to the side and see Liam in a car in the drive way. I don't think twice I jump In and buckle up. "Go!". I yell. He backs out as Harry walks outside and another car pulls in. As we leave the neighborhood I see a female exit the car and hug a dismayed Harry. My heart sinks. Could this be the Kayy? And what am I doing with Liam.? I began to cry again when I reply the words Kate says. Because something inside me knows she might be right.

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