Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


31. You don't care do you?

                                          Sophie's P.O.V


 I was at the beach, tannning when I heard my facetime go off. It was a "Unknown Number". So when I pressed answer, I started to get nervous. I didnt know who was on the other end?





I looked at the person on the other end. She had golden blonde hair, and Icy blue eyes, I looked again. She look fimaliar. Then i remebered.

Her name was Marrisa. She used to dance at the studio, but a scout choose her to go to a fancy ballet school.

Sophie: Oh My God!

Marrisa: Hi.

Sophie: Marrisa!

Marrisa: Sophie!

Sophie: How have you been?

Marrisa: Im good. You?

Sophie: Where are you?

Marrisa: Look up.


I looked up. Marrisa was standing right there. I pressed the "End Facetime" button. I got up and ran and gave her a huge hug. Then the boys looked up, they saw her louis got out of the water, and came towards us:

Sophie: Louis, This is my friend Marrisa. Marrisa this is Louis.

Marrias: One direction right?

Louis: Yes.


Then Louis went back into the water, I asked Marrisa if she wanted to go swimming, she seemed cool. We got into the water then Zayn pulled me aside:

Zayn: Whos she?

Sophie: Thats my friend

Zayn: Whats her name?

Sophie: Marrisa.

Zayn: Oh, Could you intodruce us to her.

Sophie: K.


When Everyone was above water I yelled "BOYS" they all looked at me haha perfect:

Sophie: This is my friend Marrisa

Marrisa: Hi!

Liam: Hi, Im liam

Zayn: Hi, Im Zayn

Niall: Hi Im Niall


Harry just stood there.


I told Marrisa to go swimmning with the boys. When they all went to go into the water, I pulled aside Harry.

Sophie: You just dont care do you?

Harry: What?

Sophie: You dont care that I caught you kissing Payton? You dont even care to apolizge.

Harry: Uh, I do care.

Sophie: Sure whatever!

Harry: Well she is pretty. You cant just judge her like that!

Sophie: Like what?

Harry: Cause she said all thoses things, why do you say shes mean?

Sophie: HARRY! She was being pretty mean back at the studio, but I guess since your Harry Fricken Styles. You can do whatever you want. Now cant you?







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