Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


18. Woah, Its you!

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Sophies P.O.V


Louis: Sophie, this is getting no where please open the door.

I heard his head kind of hit the door lightly, then slight movement then ratteling, Crap, I rembered that my door had a quick lock to undo. I had a thought to get up and block the door, but I thought about it again, and thought that would be a childish thing to do. So I sat there. I heard a quiet " Ah Ha!" then heard my door open. I was just sitting there on my bed on twitter. He walked up to me and sat down next to me, but i stayed silent:

Louis: Please look at me.


I lifted up my head, a little bit, not looking at him fully.


Louis: Sorry, I Guess I didnt say that you couldnt say anything. I'm also sorry I lashed out at you, I should have handled it better.

Sophie: I probally would have acted the same way.

Louis: So you forgive me?

Sophie: Yes.

Louis: Dont worry everything is fine.


I felt myself falling asleep, I felt Louis gently pick me up, and lay me on the bed. It was only 4 PM.

I woke up, remembering how I got in my bed, I smiled at myself. I wondered if they were all still here. I fell asleep at 4 it was only 5:47. Wow, I wasnt alseep that long. I walked out of my room, and found everyone sitting down in the living room, Some on phones, some eating, some talking. They all looked at me:

Lucy: Sophie

Sophie: Yea?

Lucy: Wanna  go bowling tonight?

Sophie: Ok, Who all is going?

Lucy: Well I was thinking more of a party type thing.

Sophie: Ok

Lucy: I got tons of free coupons in the mail, I dont know why, But we can have 5 lanes with 15 free games!

Sophie: Thats alot!

Lucy: I know, Wait... Oh, My uncle works here, i think he might have mailed it


we all started laughing, that she didnt realize that earlier. We all thought it would be a good time to go, all the people going were:







The boys decided to call up all their famous friends. They invited alot I only invied oneof my old friends Macy. We were all going to meet up around 6:00.

There were going to be famous people there, I couldnt look terrible, so i went  to take a shower, I put on A Hot pink Ruffled tank with Black shorts. It wasnt Lazy wear, but it wasnt formal ethier. I curled my hair, Makeup. When i Was done, i went tog o pick up my old friend Macy, When she got into the car I started to talk to her:

Sophie: Hey I havent seen you in a while

Macy: I know right.

Sophie: I have a supirse

Macy: Really? What is it?

Sophie: Well, We are going bowling, and if you didnt know I am dating Louis From one direction, and there is going to be alot of famous people there.

Macy: I'm not going to know anyone!

Sophie: Trust me you will know who they are, make friends.

Macy: Well now you got me kinda nervous

Sophie: Its ok.


                                                            Liam's p.o.v

Tonight there was going to be alot of people there, including Lucy. I needed to win her over, Tonight, for sure. I dressed as best as a guy can. I hope It was enough.


                                                          Lucy's P.O.V


I was very nervous tonight. Lots of famous people were going to be there. Liam, All i could think about, liam was going to be there. I Put on A White tank top. With a shirt that said "Heart" on it. I straighted my hair, and had my make-up, and shoes on I. Was. Ready

I slipped my shoes on as soon as Sophie Pulled up, I walked down the path and got into the car, Some one was sitting in the front seat, I reconized her, but I couldnt remember her:

Lucy: Hi, Im Lucy


She turned around


Macy: Hi, Im macy

Lucy: Have we met before it feels like it.

Macy: I know. I'm not sure.


She turned around, We arrived at the bowling alley around 6:15 we walked in.


                                                               Sophie P.O.V


We walked in. The boys.. The boys.. They rented out the whole building for a Fricken Party. Maybe, I need to ask what a few friends mean to them. Tons of celeberties, Every where! There was LOADS AND LOADS OF FOOD! the Music was loud. Louis Ran up to me:

Sophie: I thought you said a few friends

Louis: I know we did, But the people we invited told their friends, so then we decided to rent out the whole bulding

Sophie: Oh my god, you guys are crazy.


We went off and danced. It was fun. We mets tons of celebs. Got their numbers, Best night ever!


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