Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


24. What should I do?

         A/N I got alot of kik's askeing me when i was going to update the story, I was actully on vacation and only had my phone to contact on kik ;) So because of that i will have two chapters out tonight, because I was late.                                         


Sophies P.O.V


 The people who were supposed to be inspecting the studio just walked in. Faith introduced us to them the older womans name was Ellie and the younger girl was named Payton. Payton had blonde hair, she was skinny, and green eyes. Ellie, the mom, had brown hair maybe late 40s her hair was curly, and she had brown eyes. They both gave me a mean look, ands Payton pushed her lips together almost making a duck face, and she jerked her head and walked away.

Well, She just basiclly told me she didnt like me in a silent way.


I kept calm and smiled. When We all waled into studio A to show Payton and Ellie. Then stepped in and I was in the corner by the music stand, on the oppisite side of the room. Ellie walked over to me:

Payton: How old are you?

Wow, she sounded snotty, the way she just said that, But i kept smiling and was trying my best to keep calm and be nice.

Sophie: I am 19, How about you?

Payton: Yeah, Uh Im nineteen too.

Sophie: Oh, Ok.

Payton: Anyway, Um the only reason I came over here, because trust me I would never talk to someone that looks like you.


I just raised my eyebrows. Did she seriously just say that? Well, I cant wait to know what she wants.


Payton: I heard that One Direction was here? Um, is that true?

Sophie: Who told you that?

Payton: Are you admitting that my facts are correct?

Sophie: Uh, Well. One Second.


First, how did she know? Who told her? What if she tweeted it on twitter? Oh That would suck. I would be in major trouble with alot of people. I told her one second because I needed to tell Faith. Luckilly Ellie was inspecting something on the other side of the studio  so she wouldnt hear us talking:


Sophie: Faith, Faith, FAITH

Faith: What?

Sophie: Payton just asked me if One Direction was training at this studio.

Faith: What? Who told her that?

Sophie: I asked she just asked me, If i was adimitting that they were. After that I just said One Second.

Faith: Oh my.

Sophie: What should I do, Tell her?

Faith: Ahm. I mean, they probally are going to buy it so I guess.

Sophie: Really? Are you sure?

Faith: at least tell her to keep it private!

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