Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


45. We can start over again

A/N Wanted to say sorry for not posting it for when i said i was going to post it :( I feel bad, but my computer time was up, and couldnt go on anymore sorry.


after this chapter there will be only one last chapter. I think I will start a new book on the last chapter let me know!


                                        Sophie's P.O.V


I got off the train, and Taylor slipped me her number... Wow. That was amazing! Anway, I got off the Train. Hello New York! Thats right I took the train to New York.


I walked off to the hotel that I called before I left. When I got their the check in was okay. I got up to my room okay too. I went and sat on the bed.


Ring... Ring...



Operator: Hello, Joffrey Ballet School Of New York my name is Jen how may I help you?

Sophie: I would like to enroll.

operator: Lucky Day we have only two spots left?

Sophie: Really that's great!

Operator: Yea, Stop in the studio at 5 for full enrollment.



                                      Louis's P.O.V


Where is she? Lucy had called me but Sophie had refused to tell me where she was? Really. I dont think this is a game.


                                                      Sophie's P.O.V



Time to start my new life. I mean Louis and he rest of his mates will be practicing non-stop for the next 2 weeks, then going on tour for 4 monthes. I dont think I will even cross his mind. So I guess It's time to restart my life and refresh my mind. Like I never met them or knew them. From now on i'm Sophie. I needed one more thing to be done..


   I programed my phone to leave louis  message:


"Hello, This is sophie but you probally already know that from caller I.D. Anyway I know you have alot of questions, but right now you need to know we can't be together. So i think we both know what that means..... GoodBye."


i hung up my phone. I felt no sadness, I was fine,



                                     Louis's P.O.V


I looked down at my phone



1 new voicemail.







Q and A time!!


Question 1: Would you want to come to england.


Answer: Yes I would love too! My family travles all around the world, and I have been out of the country 1 time, ( yes I have my passport). I have been to Jamacia.


Question 2: If I saw you in public would you take a picture with me:


Answer: Yes.. But umm... please let me know if/when you find me :P





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