Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


22. The escape

                                        Louis P.O.V


I feel terrible that they are closing the studio. I mean even though that I'm not a dancer, and dont go to the studio, It would be as if the X-Factor closed down, and me and the boys were never put together.


                                                  Sophie's P.O.V

It's their name:

Faith: Now they are coming in inspect the studio in 1 hour. You need to help make sure, it impresses them.

I lost it there. I lost it, we are expected to clean the studio, but you what? It not fair. We are getting NOTHING for doing alot, of voulenteering.


Sophie: Ok. Look. First we are told we will be working with superstars One Direction, and you know what? We arnt getting payed. That is crazy because we arnt going to get any credit.Thats fine I like helping, and made some new friends, but Now we selling the studio? But we didnt have any warning. We didnt have any chance to help, to try to save our dreams. We are selling the studio to people who are going to get rid of the teachers? The teachers that have been here for us since we were 4?  Now we are cleaning the studio, we arnt even asked if we wanted to help!

I was almost in tears, I thought, that everything was going to be ok. I got up, and walked out to my car, I saw Louis walking out the door right when I started my car. I felt bad. I wasnt being a good girlfriend. I put my car in park. He ran up to my car, I rolled down my window:

Louis: Where are you going?

Sophie: Anywhere except here.

Louis: I'm coming

Sophie: What?

Louis: I am coming with you

Sophie: Dont you want to tell the bo-


Just then Liam walked out of the door, followed by Niall, Louis quicly opened my door, and got in. Liam was looking for my car in the parking lot, he didnt find it yet, and i didnt want him too. So i quickly put my car in drive and drove off with Louis.


We went about 7 blocks, we were going through alleys. I stopped:

Sophie: Where do you want to go?

Louis: Um. How bout we go out to luch together?

Sophie:  Sounds fantastic!

Louis: Ok, I will direct to you to one of my favorite resturants!

Sophie: Ooo. Whats its name?

Louis: Hm. My suprise.


I wasnt in the best clothes, but i did have a pair of extra outfit in the car. We finally got there, It was about 10 min away. I went to get the extra clothes, but louis stopped me:

Louis: You dont need thoughs

Sophie: Why not?

Louis: Because its not fancy, and you look beautiful just the way you are!

Sophie: Not as cute as you look.


We walked hand-in-hand into the resturant, it was just a regular burger shop. We were finished, He looked at me:

Louis: I know you dont want to, but we should go back to the studio

Sophie: Really?

Louis: Really

Sophie: I dont want to clean. I just want someone there to say something positive. Not to keep telling us to do something that we wernt even asked if we wanted to do.

Louis: I understand.. I will be there

Sophie: That makes it better, I wouldnt even know what to say.

Louis: Lets talk about it in the car.


We drove back to the studio, I looked at the sign That held the studio name. Thinking that in a week or so, It wouldnt be the same, it would seem like what was there. It will never mesure up. I walked in the studio, and Harry came up and hugged me:

Harry: I thought I lost you.

Sophie: Oh, I thought I lost you too.


I smiled and he let go of me, but in the shadows of Studio B I saw Faith walking towards me.



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