Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


42. Playing I spy

                                     Sophie's P.O.V


I pulled up to my destination. Train Station. I parked my car. Got my suitcases out and wheeled them into the station. I walked up to the ticket counter. It was a young man looking around the age of 19, so around my age.

Train Ticket Person: Hello, How may I help you.

Sophie: Hi, one ticket to New York.

Train Ticket Person: Traveling alone?

Sophie: Yea.

Train Ticket Person: That Sucks.

Sophie: I guess.

Train Ticket Person: What is in New York?

Sophie: A lot of things, that will take me to the next step

Train Ticket Person: of what?

Sophie: Dance.

Train Ticket Person: Ohh, well good luck and if you need anything call me.


He slid the ticket under the little slit of the counter. He just fricken hit on me. Like really? Thats not what I want/need to be focusing on.


                                               Louis's P.O.V


Really, God such a stupid move. Not helping 1%


Louis: Let me see your phone

Niall: Why

Louis: Give me the PHONE!

Niall: Its in the bluetooth box


I grabbed the phone and looked through texts, until I found Sophie's name. Looking through The conversation, not readint it, just skimming upward. Until I saw the first text It had her adress. BOOM! Got it.


Louis: Found it, turn left on exit 1D. Haha, not funny.

Niall: Ha, whatever. Where we going?

Louis: Found a text, she texted you her adress.

Niall: Are you out of my texts now?

Louis: Yea, Why?

Niall: Nothing, nevermind.


We arrived at the house. I ran out of the car, and knocked on the window. I loked through and saw a bunch of clothes out on the floor, and some suitcases out. Where did Sophie Go? It was like playing "I Spy" but not knowing what page to look on.



                                                 Sophie's P.O.V


I got unto the train, and sat down. I sighed and looked over and who I saw sitting next to me I would never forget.... Ever.




Q and A time!!


Question #1 How do you get so many readers? ( comment section)

Answer: Well, I will give you guys some advice. Take it or leave it. So when you are writing at the end of the chapter try to make it a cliff hanger! The readers hate it, but it keeps them reading. I know because I hate it myself. It keeps the readers intrested, and they wont forget your story. When you start a story, dont update too- too often. Like 7 times a day. Maybe 1-3 times a day, but if you do that dont do it EVERY day. Always try to put like your kik out there or someway to contact you. Some times readers might want to contact you personally not in the comment section!

 * Sorry if that was too long*


Question #2 What is your favorite dance brand? ( kik)

Answer: I LOVE justforkix if your a dancer visit their website for AMAZING dancewear. All their dancewear is beautiful and they do compition costumes too!





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