Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


21. Now its their name.

                                                         No- Ones  P.O.V


 Dance. Lost. No returning.

All words running through Sophie's mind. She didnt kno what Faith would say next, She didnt want to know. She had thoughts, She tried to fight them back:

Just give up.

No one wants you here

Just go home.



Sophie didnt want it to take over her, she fought the thoughts. Faith continued:

Faith: Now, I am sad about this too. We met the owner. Her name is Marry she has a younger daughter 19, just like all of you. The good part of this is they are keeping this a dance studio, but that bad part is that they are hiring all new teachers.


                                                  Lucy's P.OV


It wa terrible that they were selling the studio, but its a little better knowing that we can still take classes here! But the teachers, they know us, they know everything. They know when something is wrong. They know how to challenge us, they know.... They know how to be our, our, our...
Everything. The studio life without them is nothing.


                                                         Sophie's P.O.V


I wanted to shut the world out. This was terrible. The thoughts were gone. A 19 year old girl, great. I hope she wasnt mean, or snotty. Its awesome that they will be keeping the studio! But none of our teachers are staying? They know everything about us, our good days and our bads, they are there. They are everything. Half the time when i dont want to go to dance, i just think of the teachers and i get up and go. I love this studio. All the competitions i have won supporting our name.

Our name.

No now its their name. Its their name.






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