Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


13. More than friends?

 A/N none of the 1d boys have girlfriens right now. I have been getting that question alot on Kik, if you have a question please kik me at GMdance, and your question might be here! Btw i have been asked what one direction boy fan fic this was, I will eventully do one for every boy. I am working on a Niall one right now. This chatpter will tell you the rest :)                                                          


 ~Sophie's P.O.V~


I fell asleep around  10:30 about 1/3 into the movie I was about to fall asleep on Lucy's shoulder when i felt a hand gently touch my neck, so my neck leaned the other way onto someone elses shoulder, I was to tired to care.

I woke up around 1:30 in the morning, becuase I felt a gust of wind, and felt cold. I shutered and opened my eyes, i picked my head up gently and saw that I was laying on Louie's Shoulder, i felt bad, because it would be stiff in the morning, and it would hurt to dance. Lucy was passed out on the other couch, there was alittle room left, so i ajusted myself and layed down, i accidenlty woke up Louie:

Louie: Ow.

Sophie: I'm so sorry louie.

Louie: Oh, Sophie it's ok

Sophie: Sorry i made you sleep like that, i feel bad your neck with hurt.

Louie: Yea, I guess. If you want you can go sleep in my bed, I'll sleep down her on the couch.

Sophie: No Louie, go sleep in your bed

Louie: But I want you to be  comfortable

Sophie: I'm fine! Go!

Louie: Haha, ok I will. Remind me I need to talk to to you in the morning,

Sophie: Okk.


I went alseep, and woke up to blinding light, I opened my eyes,and Saw Harry cooking toast. I went and sat down at the table in the kitchen to find Lucy, and Liam laughing about something, i just smiled not noticing too much. I walked back into the living room, and I felt a arm grab my wrist:

Louie: Can we talk

Sophie: Yea. First I have to use the loo.


I walked into the bathroom,a nd fixed my hair, i looked decent.  I walked back down the stairs finding Louie waiting for me:

Sophie: Ok.

Louie: Lets go outside.

Sophie: Why?

Louie: Come on

Gosh, He looked so Cute standing there, he seemed nervous though, i didnt know why?

We walked out side, we walked at least 5 min. Until we reached a little walkway and a bench, wow they had a huge yard! We sat there for a few second then Louie started talking:

Louie: Look I had fun yesterday working with you at the studio.

Sophie: Yea, I usally dont have that much fun there.

Louie: Anyway thats not the point,

Sophie: Oh what di-

Louie: I think I like you

I was asstounded I didnt know what to say, I liked him more than a friend, i really did, just afraid to admit it. He wasnt looking at me:

Sophie: Louie?

Louie: yes?

Sophie: I like you too.

Louie: Really?

Sophie: Not joking.


He looked at me, I smiled and looked down I looked up again, before I noticed anything He was leaning towards me, He kissed me.

I was suprised/excited, but didnt show it. I smiled and Hugged him. We walked back to the house hand in hand. He stopped me at the door:

Louie: Sophie, would you be my girlfriend?

Sophie: Yes.

I kissed him again. I was the happiest girl. We walked in side to tell everyone.

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