Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


39. Make-up

                                       Sophie's P.O.V


I walked into Harry's Room.

Sophie: Ay.


Harry looked up at me. He was on his phone. He looked so startled. He also looked very very shocked. I hope I didnt scare him too much. He opened his mouth, but looked like he couldnt talk.

Harry: S-s-s ophie

Sophie: Hey.

Harry: I just want to say, that

Sophie: No, dont say anything. Come here.


I motioned for a hug. He looked hesitent, but he got up and walked over to his doorway. I had my arms out, he stopped around a foot away from me. He didnt look like he was going to move any closer. I took a step forward and put my arms around him like a hug should go. He put his a rms around me. We hugged for maybe 5 second then let go. When I let go I looked at him he looked like he was crying:


Sophie: Hey dont cry. What, whats wrong?

Harry: I just feel so bad that I did what I did.

Sophie: Come on. Lets Talk.


We walked over to his bed. I sat down on the bed more at the end. Harry sat down more by the pillow. I gave him a 'what the heck' look.

Sophie:What's Wrong?

Harry: I feel bad for what I-I Did.

Sophie: It's ok, but I need to know one thing? Why did you do it?

Harry: Because.

Sophie: Because why.

Harry: Because I wanted to make someone jealous.

Sophie: Who?

Harry: Someone

Sophie: Harold, you are making this hard.

Harry:  Yes I know.

Sophie: Tell Sophie Who you wanted to make jealous.

Harry: You.

Sophie: Why.

Hary: Because, ever from the first day we met, i liked you.

Sophie: Aw. Well, I'm sorry but I cant say the same thing.

Harry: It- It- It's o-ok

Sophie: Harry dont cry. Come here


I have him another hug. I thanked him for tweeting that on twitter. Then walked out of the room. My next promblem, what was I going to do about the studio.














Ok, Question #1.

Question: What kind of dance do you do?

Answer: Alot of styles. Hehe, styles. But to answer your question; Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-hop, comtemporary, lyrical.


Question #2 ( From Kik. Kik: GMdance)

Question: What do you think of Justin Bieber?

Answer: Oh ok, Please no hate here if you dont like JB.

I am in love with Justin Bieber. Actully I went to one of his shows in, October. It was AMAZING.




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