Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


43. Locked out of life

                                                   Louis's P.O.V


Louis: Drive faster

Niall: I am going 23 over the speed limit...

Louis: Drive faster

Niall: Call the dang girl!

Louis: I know I was about to!



"Hey this is Sophie I cant get to the phone right now.. please leave after a message after the beep, and I will try to get back to you."


Louis: I think she might have just declined my call....


                                                                 Sophie's P.O.V


My Phone went off with next to you. I saw Niall was calling, and I know he knew i left. As if i didnt even think about it I hit decline. I was still in awe of who I was sitting next to me....

Sophie: *gasps*

Secret Person: Hi.

Sophie: Your- Your,

Secret Person: Taylor Swift?

Sophie: Yea.

Taylor: Yea, thats what they call me

Sophie: What are you doing here.

Taylor: I am taking the Train  for an interview.

Sophie: Oh, I hope you dont mind if I got a few pictures with you?

Taylor: Oh Sure.


We took the picture. I was still starstruck that I would be sitting next to Taylor Swift for three hours! That, was truly amazing. I mean some people try so hard to meet famous people, but it is coming naturally for me.

The train was on its way 10 min after I took the picture with Taylor. I really wanted to talk to her, but I didnt want to be an annoying crazy fan who never shuts up! So I just minded my own business, and left her to do her own thing.

About 30 mins into the ride:

Taylor: Well since you only know my name, what is your name?

Sophie: Sophia, but you can call me Sophie.

Taylor: So are your hobbies.

Sophie: I am a dancer.

Taylor: Oh how long have you danced?

Sophie: Around 16 years.

Taylor: Thats Crazy! How old are you now?

Sophie: 19.

Taylor: I hope you not mind me asking all these questions. My managment didnt let me bring barely anything on the train!

Sophie: No, no its fine!

Taylor: One more, arnt you dating Louis from One Direction?

Sophie: Yes I am,

Taylor: Ok. Well if you have any questions you can ask if you want.

Sophie: Yea.. Can you follow me on Twitter?

Taylor: Oh Uh Sure.

Sophie: No.. I'm just kidding you dont have to.

Taylor: No It's fine I will.

Sophie: You should do a "ask taylor" session with your fans, i know they really enjoy that.

Taylor: Oh good idea.


About 1 hour into the ride we acted like best friends.. she even tweeted me! I was just so glad i got the oppurtunity to meet her! She would read me all the ones she could. Or at least the one she answered.



 About 2 hours into the Train ride I got a text from Lucy:

Lucy: Hey..

Sophie: Hey? Hows grandma?

Lucy: Getting worse.

Sophie: Aw. I'm sorry Lu.

Lucy: Where are you?

Sophie: Why?

Lucy: Niall, and Louis have been calling me non-stop.

Sophie: Oh. What about Liam?

Lucy: We hit a patch in the road... I dont think I am going to be with him anymore.

Sophie: Really?

Lucy: Really.

Sophie: Sorry your going through all this, it sucks

Lucy: Tell me about it.. so how bout telling me where you are now?

Sophie: Guess who I met?

Lucy: Who? Wait.. Stop changing the subject.

Sophie: *picture attched*


Sophie: Yea.

Lucy: Tell me where you are.... come on!

Sophie: I have to go now.


I didnt want to tell Lucy, because she would tell the boys where I am, and right now thats not who/what I need to be concentrating on. Even though Taylor Swift is a distraction I need to remeber what I'm here for......




Q&A time!!!


Question: What is your favorite 1D song? ( comment section)

Answer: Right now I'm lovin' Kiss You! Its a fabulous song! Cant get it out of my head!


Question: If you had a cat what color would I be? ( comment section)

Answer: I would want a blonde cat. Like i dont know if its a color but The color of blonde hair... I guess. So I would see it in the night... At least I think I could. I would name it..... Millie..


Bonus Question: Whats your favorite muppet

Answer: I love the swetish cook!!!




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