Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


46. Last Chapter :)

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                                                               Sophie P.O.V


I got a leotard and a skirt, I had nude color tights on. I pulled my hair into the tights bun you could ever imagine! It was all slicked back, and wet. I looked like... so... professional, I never had this feeling ever! I got into my car, and Lucy Called. Decline. Louis Called. Decline Lucy Called Decline. Louis Called. Decline. I knew they were with each other calling me one after the other got declined. Wow. I just shut off my iphone all the way. I pulled up to the joffrey ballet school of New York. If you make it into here. You should know your a good dancer. Never doubt yourself.


I pulled up to the buiding. Wow. It was amazing. I can't believe I'm going to do this. I'm going to forget Louis. Forget Lucy, all the boys. And just kind of start over with everything. I will do things diffrently. I mean some people might say i'm over reacting, but really.. Louis is going on tour. He will have 1hour for me everyday. I can spend way more hours doing what completes my life. What completes me as a person. With all this though it was going to be late. I moved out of my car, and walked into the building. With a such a dont doubt me attitude. I walked up to the counter.

Linda: Hello, my name is Linda, how may I assit you?

Sophie: I am here for the open call audition.

Linda: Oh yes. Please pick a seat we will be starting in a moment.

Sophie: Okay and thank you.

Linda: Good Luck. I mean.. Break a leg..

Sophie: Haha. Thank you!. I hope you uhh break a arm answering calls?

Linda: *laughs*


I turned around and sat down, i looked around me everyine here looked so worried, some were even sitting with their parents, i mean Really? Like seriously? I was 19, and well I didnt have my parents here to support me! Oh well. It must be nice though. My mom kind of never really paid attention to me, but I guess I had to accept the fact she ran a very busy factory.



She said she would be calling our names, and when she did, we would stand into groups. We would then get numbers, we would pin them onto whatever we were wearing. I was called into the 4th group. I was number 2940. She then led us into a room, where a different lady took over. This one looked around 38. With Brown hair and brown eyes. I learned this ones name was Helen.


Helen: Hello! This Afternoon, you have gathered here to audition for the joffrey ballet school. There are around 150 ladies and gentlemen here. There is only 80 spots. So I must say again. Good Luck. I am here to tell you what is going on. After I am done giving directions you will be in this room for about 20 minutes. You may have to freedom to do whatever pleases you. I highly recommend you stretch. After this you will take 3 different classes, instructed by 3 different guest teachers, they will teach you a short combo. After all of that you will perform for the judges, and if you appeal to them you will be getting a call back. If you get a call back , we will tell you what will happen next. I will be back in 20 minutes. You time begins now.


I went to a little spot I found open. I began stretching.


About 20 min of stretching warming up and practicing another lady came into the room. She took us to our first class.



*********After all three classes*********


I went into the audition room. Darn, do you know how dang sweaty I am? Like more sweaty then any of my dance classes back in my other “life” would have gave me. 



I walked into the audition room. I prayed on my life that I would make this. I would please Faith, and everyone else who knew me knew me.



********After audition*************


The pressure I had on me was more then Justin Bieber has before performing. This meant my life ahead of me. If I ere to make it.. it would change me as a person.


I walked out of joffrey. Feeling confident. I had started my new life, but what would come of it? Would Louis find me? Will Lucy ever be my friend?







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sat down, and right when i sat down a lady looking around 30 came out.




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