Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


41. It is deleted.

                                      Sophie's P.O.V


I just kept walking. I Didn't even l know where too. I stopped at my apartment. I felt like a lost dog running away, but just kept coming back. I pulled my key out of my sock. I always just keep it there just in case, I get into a situation like this.

At first I didnt know where I was going at first, but when my feet brought me to the door. I knew what brought me there. I opened the door, and walked through the doorway. I walked through the apartment door.

I walked into my room. I grabbed my Dance bag, and a suitcase. I opened the dresser drawer, and grabbed 17 tops and 17 pants. I also grabbed 18 pairs of diffrent dance assemble. Since the suitcase I grabbed was suprisingly large all my clothes fit into it. Then I walked into the bathroom I grabbed majority of hair products and make-up. Those I put into my dance bag.


I looked around my apartment, then did a little head nod, and walked out. I walked outside and put my stuff into my cars passenger seat. I got around into the car, started it then started driving. Until I reached my destination....



                                                  Niall's P.O.V


I was just finished cleaning up my room when I realized that Sophie was down stairs alone for a while. I thought I might check what she was doing. When I walked down the steps I saw she slipped her left flat on her foot, and opened the door and walked out. She didnt evem bother with putting a coat on. I ran to the door, but then stopped myself from opening it. I ran up the stairs and Into Louis's Room, he looked at me:

Louis: Yes?

Niall: Sophie just took off in the pouring rain with out a coat. In the dark.

Louis: Did you open the door and call her name

Niall: No, I wanted to get you first

Louis: Nice, Smart move. *sarcastic*

Niall: Well do you want to find her

Louis: No I'll just move on to the next girl. OF COURSE I WANT TO FIND HER!

Niall: Then Come on!


We ran down the steps and got out jackets on grabbed the keys and ran out the door. We got into the car and drove looking for her. Niall was driving:

Niall: Do you want to check her house?

Louis: No

Niall: Why

Louis: Well...

Niall: Why?

Louis: I dont remeber where it is, she texted it to me once.

Niall: Then check your texts!

Louis: Crap.

Niall: It is deleted isnt it?

Louis: Yep.

Niall: Nice.




Time for the Q&A section! Remeber leave all your questions in the comment section. All questions accepted Silly, Random, Weird. So here we go.


(1) Question: Do you have any pets? ( from comment section)

Answer: Yes I do. I have a 2 year old dog named Mia. She is a mix of alot of diffrent breeds of dogs. Mia is "Brindle" ( a mix of black and brown). One of Mia's Dog "Friends" is named Sophie. That is were I got the name for this story.


(2) Question: What are your favorite T.V shows? ( from kik)

Answer: Dance Moms, Abby's ultimate dance off, and Pretty Little Liars!



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