Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


40. In a instant of seconds...

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Sophie's P.O.V


Ring.. Ring... Ring...


Faith: Hello?

Sophie: Yello.

Faith: Sophie?

Sophie: All day.

Faith: What do you need?

Sophie: Did they take the offer?

Faith: Yes. It will be theirs in 3 days

Sophie: Now what are we just going to forget each other, not even going to keep training?

Faith: Your old enough., you need to bring your dancing to the next leval.

Sophie: Whats the next leval?

Faith: You have to figure that out, but I'm telling you dancing in a small town dance studio isnt getting you ANYWHERE.

Sophie: Your right. What about training 1 direction.

Faith: I'm not sure call Simon, ok.




Ring.... Ring... Ring.. Ring... Ring


"We're Sorry the number your calling is unavaliable please leave your name after the tone, after your done press one for more options. BEEP"


Sophie: Hey Simon, It's Sophie. One Of the girls who trains the boys, with dance. Yes I would like to know since we are selling the studio, actully we sold the studio. If you didnt know. Anyway, since we sold the studio where we are going to train them. Anyway call me back Thanks, Bye.




I hung up the phone. I didnt know what to do, all the boys were doing something diffrent. Louis said that he was working on something for me that
I couldnt see. So I was stuck doing nothing.




My phone rang I picked it up, it was Simon:


Sophie: Hey Simon

Simon: Hey Sophie.

Sophie: Did you get my message from the voicemail?

Simon: Yes, Sorry I didnt pick up I was in a meeting.

Sophie: I'm sorry If i inturupted! I feel terrible now!

Simon: No its fine my phone was off anyway.

Sophie: Oh, so anyway where are we going to train the boys now?

Simon: Look, Thats why I was at the meeting, You and the others arnt going to continue to train them. We will be giving you each a check for 200.00 for helping with 4 songs. We have found others to train them.

Sophie: Ok.

Simon: Is that all?

Sophie: Yes, thank you for informing me.

Simon: Dont know If i will ever be talking to you again, but you did great with training the boys

Sophie: Thank you

Simon: If that is all I must go.



I hung up the phone fighting back the tears. I cant believe that I wont be seeing my 5 favorite boys anymore. I got off the couch. It was pouring rain, all I was wearing was a striped t shirt and skinny jeans. I didnt care, I opened the door. Right when I did I heard Niall Yell " Sophie.." The words I would never hear from him again. I walked out of the door. Into the rain. In a instant of seconds I was soaked my hair was wet, and my make-up was smearing, even though I didnt have much on... Walking Until I couldnt walk anymore...........




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Answer: I am sitting I usally have music on softly and I cant have people around because I get distracted.


Question #2: (from kik) Whats your top 5 songs right now?


1 Beauty and A beat: Justin Bieber

2 Come on Come on By: One Direction

3 50 ways to say goodbye By: Train

4 This Kiss By: Calry rae jepson

5 Va Va Voom By: Nicki Manji



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