Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


8. impossible to be serious

       A/N Hey, I have gotten alot of comments saying that they wanted to see longer chapters, I have to agree So i now will bring longer chapters! Please, leave  more suggestions, I hae also been asked my kik. I will try to make one, because i dont have one..... YET! And please, i like to know whos reading this, so dont hesitate to leave a comment!


    ~ Sophie's P.O.V~


Harry and Louie were standing on the other side of the room everybody was in. Harry glanced at me, I just looked at him, and my facial expression said ' I can't believe you just did that.' He smiled and turned away to talk to Louie. I walked up to Lucy:

Sophie: Great, double One Direction boys, double the embarrassment.

Lucy: Hey, like they havent done anything embarressing?

Sophie: Yea, your right. They wont remember.

Lucy: See! think of it that way!

Sophie * Laughs*

Simon: OK! Lets get going!!!

Faith: go get setteled in your assigned studio, I will be in there to tell you what you will be teaching!


I walked over to Louie and Harry:

Sophie: ok, come on lets go

Harry: Can you handle us?

Sophie: I don't know we will find out *winks*

Louie: Um. I am a terrible dancer, i just want to put that out there.

Sophie: Well I'm not good at "Winging" things, so that makes two of us.

Sophie: Lets head to Studio B.


We walked to Studio B, It seemed so peacefull. It was nice. I started talking to myself. It's okay you will do gre-, my thoughts were intupted by screaming:


Louie: NOO! DON'T DO IT!


I walked over to he other side of the room next to the two boys dog-piled on top of each other.

Sophie: Louie, what are you doing *laughs*

I tried to pull Louie off off Harry but, he pulled me into the pile. I was pinned down, just thinking to myself why did i even help? I interrupted my own thoughts, saying " I needed to have some fun"

I pushed Louie off of me and then pinned him down. Well now what? I then felt my face hitting Louie's Chest, oh Crap! I forgot about Harry. When I pushed Louie off of me, I forgot that Harry was free of Louie too. I slid off Louie, and onto the floor. This time it was harder to escape from Harry, but eventully I caught him off gaurd and got out! I threw off my shoes, and the floor was cleaned yesterday so it was super slippery! I was slidding around.

Harry, and Louie saw me. They both smiled at each other. I only new they were making some plan, through their smiles. I widened my eyes.

They already had their shoes off, so they started to slide towards towards me, Harry picked me up bridal style. I kicked my feet, but i had my arms around his neck so i didnt fall:

Harry: Why are you kicking your feet so much?

Sophie: Because your carrying me!!!!

He put me down, I still had my arms around his neck, I hugged him.. Why? Well, now i can say i hugged Harry Styles.

Sophie: Now, i can say i hugged Harry styles!

Harry: I guess you can.

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