Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


23. Hoping doesnt help

                                            Sophies P.O.V


I saw Faith walking towards me, I didnt even know what she was going to say, or do:

Faith: So you came back.

Sophie: Yes, I am sorry for ourbu-

Faith: Look, you were right, about Not getting credit, not being told about the money, not being asked to help.

Sophie: Oh. Uh.

Faith: But, the only thing is i didnt expect that to come out of your mouth.

Sophie: I didnt ethier, and I guess I couldnt take all of these things piling up.

Faith: Well the people looking at the Studio will be here in around 10 min. Would you mind helping inspect it?

Sophie: No cleaning?

Faith: No cleaning.

Sophie: Alright.


After I helped Faith look throught the studio, The people finally arrived. A older woman walked in, she looked snotty, but I try not to judge people so i just smiled. Next A girl, looking around my age came in. She had a total snotty, mean girl kind of look. She had a iphone, bubble gum in her mouth and she was popping it. At that second I knew what kind of people they were. The kind that were the snotty people and if you told their parents, the parents wouldnt even think about caring.

I thought about when we were in studio A, I hoped silently to myself that the pople wouldnt be like them, I just learned. Hoping Doesnt help.

I silently let out a sigh. This was going to be not so great.

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