Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


12. Hanging out

                                                      Sophie's P.O.V

After the boys sat down, we had at least 14 people come to our table, saying they wanted ethier, a picture, a autogragh. After that was done the boys fianlly got coffee we started talking, having laugh:

Liam: Could you guys come hang with us tonight, maybe at our place?

Lucy: I dont have any plans, do you Sophie?

Sophie: I don't think so.

Louie: Alright!

Harry: i'll text you the address

Louie: Wait, you already have her number?

Harry: Yea, what do you think I was doing with her phone while you too were fooling around?

Louie: Oh, that explains it.

Harry: I'll text it to you guys later


Great. Anyway it was only 10:00 AM. We stayed at Starbucks until 10:45.

I dont know where they went, but I went home, Lucy went home and we skyped for a little bit.


I got put some make-up on, I mean first they are all famous, second someone cant look bad in front of 5 very cute boys!

It was around 6:00 when I got a text from Liam giving me the adresss i texted Lucy saying I would pick her up in 10 min. I got a blue ruffeled tank top on, and some White shorts on. Then drove off in my car to pick up Lucy. It was fairly close only about 10 min.


We arrived and dang it was HUGE, oh wait, that's right, they are famous. I just laughed at my self.

We went to ring the doorbell, but before we did I opened the door to a very happy Liam:

Liam: Hey girls!

Sophie: Hi Liam


He let me inside of the house, I looked around, no others seemed to be here.

Sophie: Where are the boys?

Liam: They are all over the house


Zayn came running down the stairs:

Zayn: Hey Girls.

Lucy: Hi Zayn.


Niall, Harry, And Louis then came running up the stairs from the basement:


Harry: LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liam: What i'm right here?

Niall: We were down stairs, and, and-

Louie: We were playing Wii and,

Harry, the candle behind the bar fell off and broke.

Liam: So you left the glass candle sitting there? on the floor?

Niall: Well, basiclly yes.

Liam: Ugh. I'll go clean it up.

Louie: We can't let them take you!!

Harry: Come on girls, wanna see the basement?

Lucy: Do we have a choice?

Harry: Good Point. Come on!


We walked down stairs, It looked, Amazing. White couches, White rugs

Me and Lucy looked around the basement which felt like a maze.

It had a workout room, a bar room, and like a gaming area! I was glad me and Lucy were alone so we could be amazed with out any of the boys seeing how new this was to us. We found our way back ( barely) The boys finished Cleaning the candle off the floor:

Sophie: I like your basement

Liam: Ah, thanks

Lucy: do you get that alot?

Liam: Ah, yes I do!


We walked up stairs, and me and Lucy kind of stood there awkardly:

Louie: what do you want to do?


I sat down next to Louie and Lucy was on the other side next to Liam.


Harry then turned on the tv, the movie paranormal activity 2 was on, why not?

So we got popcorn, and started to watch the movie, getting scared at diffrent occassions. I almost fell asleep on Lucy's shoulder, but I felt a hand genlty touch my neck, I was to tired to even care. So I fell asleep.



Once it was over it was around 9:00, we stayed for the marathon, by the time the third one was over it was 11:00. Lucy was super tired, so was I didnt care!




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