Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


10. Friendly Games.


A/N  Ok I decided I am going to be doing more than one point of view. So watch for the change in P.O.V's!!!



 ~~  Sophie's P.O.V ~~


I had just hugged Harry Styles. We had setteled down by the time Faith came into the room. It was very good timing if you ask me. She told me all I had to do is teach them how to slide across the floor. Easy. Faith then walked out of the room, and i heard her walk into the craft room. I stood there:

Louie: Is it hard?

Sophie: No, All we are doing is sliding across the floor.

Sophie: Easy the five year old class, can do this.


I showed them once, and they got it right away. We had a hour to do that and now we have 45 min. I didn't know what to do:

Sophie: Well, now what do you want to do?

Harry: Well....

Louie: We could.....

Just then both of them came after me sliding across the floor Louie Picked me up bridal style. While Harry was playing with my Iphone.  I started kicking my feet again like I did when Harry picked me up.

Louie: You like to kick your feet alot don't you?

Sophie: i did it because you picked me up!!!

Louie: Ok then. Fine.


He didn't put me down! Uhh that crazy boy, I built up all the power I had, and I was going to try something crazy, but it fit the style of everyone in the room. I wasn't just a dancer I knew a little gymnastics, I had done it for about 4-5 years.

One, Two, Three i swung my feet over my head, I flipped over, and was now on the ground! Haha I did it!!! I looked back at Louie his facial expression was definally priceless had a impressed/ suprsied look. I stuck my tounge out and ran around the room. Just then Both of them came after me and Harry put down my phone. Just then Niall Walked into the room:

Niall: Hey just gonna have fun without me?

Louie: Well, no, but we do have the awesomest teacher.

Sophie: Aw thanks, but Niall where is Noah, your teacher?

Niall: He said we were done and went in to the other room. He left me in there.

Sophie: Oh, well I guess you can stay in here. Now i'm with more then half of the One Direction boys.

Harry: Hey, thats not a bad thing!

Sophie: Yea your right.

Niall: So what are you guys doing?


We looked at each other and then went and dog-piled him:

Niall: Why. Did. You. Do. That.

Louie: 'Cause you asked us what we were doing, this is what we were doing.

Niall: So you are dog-piled a girl, what gentle-men


He got up. We were all laughing, I walked over to the music stand, and cheaked the time, 30 more min. Ugh.


                                                        ~*Lucy* P.O.V~

I was assigned to work with Liam, He was very nice, and I loved all of their accents! I was assigned to teach him how to slide across the floor. Easy. We had covered it in less then 10 min. We had 40 min left. We sat their talking. I Heard my phone go off:

Sophie (text): Hey are you done?

Lucy (text): Yea, everyone is.

Sophie (text): Come in Studio B.

Lucy ( Text): I'm bringing Liam

Sophie ( text) : Ok, half of them are already in here.


I got up:

Lucy: Wanna go to Studio B, Alomost everyone is in there.

Liam: Yes, sure.


We walked in and everyone was dog-piled on Harry

Harry: Help me!

Liam: Harry?

Harry: Liam? Yes! help me!

Liam Just Laughed.






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