Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


16. finding the lost

                                              Sophies P.O.V

I was shopping in the mall, Before we got in. I cheaked twitter, I was going to see what was trending. I was mumbling to myself I saw 1Dancerdate i clicked on  it, it had a picture of me and Louis holding hands. Crap. Im. Screwed. I saw a group of girls looking at me, then the phone, me, phone, me, phone. I had a weird feeling they were looking at the picture on twitter, I then quickly got up, and found some shoes and then went to get some special perfume from Victorias Secret. When I looked behind me. The girls Had been Following me. One walked up to me:

Girl: Hi I couldnt help but notice that you look like the girl in this picture

Sophie: Yep thats me

Girl: So your dating Louis from one direction?

Sophie: Ah..       Yes.


The girl motioned for them to come over they asked for a picture i let them take pictures with me, i mean why not? I was walking out of the Mall when I felt someone yell my name I turned around, Paps, tons of paps.

Paps: Are you dating Louis from One Direction

Paps: Why isnt he here?

Paps: Did you guys break up?

Sophie: Yes, I am, because he is doing something else, and no we didnt.

I kept walked I promised myself i would only say that much, and answer only those three questions.

I got in the car and drove away, I heard my phone


Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep , beep, beep

What the? I grabbed the phone a list of twitter notifactions. THE GIRLS TWEETED THE PICTURE! 

Great. Just Great. I decided to go home. I pulled up to my apartment Lucy's car was parked and The boys car. They are here? Are you kidding I just wanted to be alone for at least a hour!




Lucy's P.O.V


I finished teaching Liam, When I finished I went to go fins Sophie, but I couldn't find her! I went up to Faith and asked her where Sophie was. Faith told me she left right away. I didn't know why. I texted her. I walked into Studio B were Louis, and Harry were standing I asked them why she left, they shruged their shoulders. We all texted her. Ten min mlater, no reply. A few second later Niall and Zayn walked into the room. Then Liam walked into the room, Gosh I liked Liam alot. I didnt want to tell him, I was kind of a scared/ shy girl when it comes down to this stuff. I asked The few who walked into Studio B if they knew, no one did! I asked them if they wanted to come to her little apartment. They all agreeded. I told them to follow me.

Finally we arrived we got out and knocked on the door, no answer. I remembered I had keys. I unlocked it and went in. She wasnt in there! We were getting worried now. I saw her car pull up, I Was worried was she going to be mad that we were here?

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