Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


26. Evil with a little revenge

A/N Hey, Recently I saw I have gone oer 3,000 reads. Wanted to say, thats for taking the time and intrest for this story!



                  Sophie's P.O.V


I walked away from the arguement with Payton.  I knew where the boys were. The studio had like a secret place. I walked into the craft room, then walked into the walk in tap shoe closet, then turned the corner, and there was a lounge. All the boys sat there, when I walked in they all looked up:

Liam: How are they?

Sophie: Terrible

Louis: How come babe?

Sophie: Well their is a 19 year old girl named Payton, Such a little- just I hate her!

Niall: Did you get to know her?

Sophie: Ok, She came up to me asked me if you were here. Called me ugly, and stupid. She also said that Louis was going to be her Boyfriend, and I was in her way.

Louis: Fan?

Sophie: Yes.

Zayn: Oh


I heard Faith making her way into the "Secret Room" I Really hope she doesnt tell me i have to go back out there:


Faith: Why re you in here?

Sophie:   I needed a break from Payton

Faith: What happened

Sophie: Doesnt matter

Faith: Whatever, go back out there

Sophie: Do I have too?

Faith: Yes.

Sophie: Can the boys come?

Faith: Dont ask me. 


She then walked out of the "Secret Room".             



I turned around and looked at them with hopefull eyes:

Louis: Ill come.

Zayn: Sure why not

Liam: I guess

Niall: Uh, sure

Harry: No thanks.

Liam: HARRY!

Harry: What?

Liam: You are coming out too.

Harry: No Im not!

Louis: Fine harry, We see how it is.

Harry: Fine fine Im comingggg


We walked out of the craft room. There was really no one here. They closed the studio to all practices. We walked down into Studio A. Payton was looking at her phone, Sitting on a riser/stage things in the back of the room. She looked up and she didnt scream, but looking at her eyes inside her head she was screaming. I wish Lucy was here. She had to visit her grandma in the hospital:


Payton: Omg. No way.


She was talking, none of us responded to her. She just stood there. You could tell she felt like an idiot. I smiled at the thought. Evil with a little revenge.


Payton: Well then, Um. Hi. Im Payton!



Payton: So your not going to introduce your selfs?

Harry: We all ready know, that you know, who we are.

Payton: Thats true. Would you mind signing this?

Liam: Nothing to write with.

Payton: Ill go grab something


She walked out of the room. We all burst out laughing. We had no idea why though.... We laughed for around 10 seconds then stopped.


She walked back into the room. Louis stopped, made sure she was looking, then kissed me on the cheek. I smiled when she had the look of maddness and sadness on her face! Evil with revenge





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