Dancing In Studio B.

Sophie was just a regular girl in her dance class with her best friend Lucy. Until she finds out one direction needs some one-on-one coaching, nothing big though, but will one of the boys fall head of heals for the girl helping them?


15. Day 2

       A/n I know i Spell Louis ,Louie    I see alot of comments.. So I orignally thought of spelling it that way, but i will now spell it Louis.                               


~Sophie's P.O.V~~


I left the house with Lucy,and she was basiclly playing twenty questions in the car, but it felt like twenty thousand question! I answered some,and some i didn't but, I dont think she got the memo I was annoyed, so I drove faster, arriving at her house faster than she wanted:

Sophie: I'll see you in like 45 min ok?

Lucy: Ok. See you then


I walked into the apartment, I just talked to myself:

Sophie: Wow. My house compared to Liam Payne's. Wow

I just laughed it off and got ready, I took a shower then quickly got dressed in simple tee shirt and some dance shorts. I drove to the studio just in time. I found five smiling faces looking at me when i walked in.

Sophie: Hello, boys

Louis: Hey babe.


Simon then walked in

Simon: BOYS! go into studio A now! Sophie, Lucy, Noah, and Daniel STUDIO B!


He seemed mad, or maybe not, ethier way he scared me. Alot, I walked into Studio B, Faith was standing in there:

Faith: So, Simon is not happy at all with our progress. You are all learning a routine and going to teach it to the boys, You will all learn each part, and you will perfect it!

Wow. We spend the first 30 min learning the steps to One Thing, It was easy not really moves walking around. Apparently we are now responsible for having the boys in the right place at the right time, We cant control them. Plus, they like to fool around, then Faith and Simon and the rest of the people in charge are going to be mad, then the studio will kick us all out, my day nightmare was inturupted by blarring music:

Faith: your now going to watch each other perfrom this.

I had my phone and Faith wouldnt Notice i unclocked it, and got a text from Louis:

Louis: Are you ok in there, we can hear faith yelling from A

Sophie (text): Yea, im fine. You guys are soooo dead later. GTG BYE!


I didnt really mean they were dead later, but i was really stressed. We finished three songs, oh god, I could have died on the floor right there, right then:

Faith: Now you have two hours to teach the routines to them!


Lucy, Chris, and Daniel went and helped cleared the craft room. So I went to Studio A. I walked in and all five of they're faces stared at me. I made it five steps into studio A and then went to my knees and layed with my face of the floor, at that point I didnt care how many shoes, butts, or hands had been there:

Louis: You ok hun?

Sophie: Mhmmm

Liam: Then why are you on th-

Sophie: Don't ask.

Louis: Sounded like she was screaming at you.

Sophie: Mhmmmm

Harry: About what?

Sophie: everything


I got off of the floor:

Sophie: Let's go to Studio B, I have 2 boys to teach.

Harry: Coming


  Faith had moved out of Studio B. We walked in. I was hoping today would have been like the day before, but it wasnt. I was in the mood for it before, but now I was NOT happy. It took me a long time to teach Louis, and Harry. They finally got it! As soon as they did I ran each dance twice more, I didn't say anything I grabbed my bags, My iphone, and Told Faith I was done, she nodded, and with that I got in my car, and drove off.  I did'nt know what was up with me. I think it was being yelled at by Faith for Hours. She was one of the nicest teacher you would have ever met. Today she acted like Abby Lee Miller ( A strict teacher). I went home and it was only 3:00. I called my Mom.

Ring, Ring, ring

Mom: Hello? Sophie?

Sophie: Hey mom!

Mom: How are you

Sophie: I'm not so great

Mom: Aww sorry Hun. Whats up?


Me and my mom had around a 30 min conversation, I talked about One direction, Louis, and I asked her how she was doing, and all that.  I walked around my apartment, cleaned up then I went Shopping. I needed new shoes. Arg.

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