More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


19. Us And Them


It had been a couple of days since my shocking interview when Niall invited me to hangout with him. The boys were really busy since they were going back to the UK soon and I had barely seen them since the whole internet drama. They called me up several times to thank me and ask me how I was doing, though. Especially Harry. He texted me and called me all the time to make sure I was okay or to ask if I was having a hard time because of his fans. They were all very lovely and Harry was just… Well, he was Harry as usual and his kindness did not help my raging feelings for him at all. It was a thursday when Niall picked me up to go get milkshakes and go see a movie after. It was only me and him since the rest of the boys had other plans. I had hoped at first to see Harry there or even Louis since we haven’t talked that much this summer but only Niall was more than fine obviously. The car ride was pleasant and it made me feel relieved to hear Niall say that the fans had calmed down since my impromptu interview. I also wasn’t really surprised when he mumbled shyly that he unfortunately received alot of tweets that were really rude towards me.

“It doesn’t matter what they think about me, Niall. ” I smiled, trying to encourage him. I wasn’t lying neither. I’m not stupid, I knew what was said about me online because I made accounts just to creep on tumblr and twitter without fans knowing it was me and anyways, I wasn’t some popstar or anything. Who cares if they all hated me?

“It matters to me because I care about you, alright? ” Niall said, his eyes full of apologies.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. Everything’s fine. ” I said with the biggest smile I could possibly muster. I wasn’t entirely lying though. Everything about the fan drama was fine. I did not care one bit of what strangers thought about me but… The Harry subject still kept me up at night. He was being so lovely and nice with me but it’s like we were acting like everything’s fine and all our problems were solved when really; we simply said our apologies but that’s it. There’s still the fact that they were leaving soon. They’re going home soon and I’ll be here; alone. And most importantly, Harry deserves alot better than me and being more than friends isn’t an option anymore. Even though I let him kiss me the other day but that was a moment of weakness that won’t happen again… I hope.

Niall parked the car in the parking lot behind Milkshake City and we entered by the back door hoping to avoid paparazzis and whatnot. Luckily for us, the place was empty. No one seemed to know about Niall’s whereabouts since there wasn’t a mob of paparazzis outside which of course, made us really happy.

“I’m gonna go to the loo. Order me a chocolate milkshake, yeah? ” Niall said as he shoved money in my hands and walked off before I could say anything. I turned my attention to the menu above my head as the front door of the shop slammed shut. I was too busy trying to decide on what kind of milkshake I wanted at the time to notice what the four teenage girls behind me were saying. I finally opted for a chocolate one just like Niall and after I was done, I moved to the side and smiled politely to the girls behind me to let them order. I guess I should have noticed they were up to no good when they did not go up to the counter or also because they all already had milkshakes in their hands.

“You guys can go order if you want. ” I said with a small smile, completely oblivious to their intentions at the time. They all exchanged some kind of weird bitchy look and the next thing I knew, the tall brunette in the middle spilled the rest of her strawberry milkshake all over my shirt. I didn’t move for a couple of seconds after it happened, I really wanted to believe it was an accident but I’d be a fool to believe that.

“What the fuck is your problem!? ” I yelled at the girl responsible for this whole mess. She smirked at as she stepped forward.

“You’re not even that pretty… I don’t get what Harry sees in you. ” She drawled like she knew all about him and his life choices. I really wanted punch her in the face but something inside of me stopped me from doing so since they were probably fans and Niall would not really appreciate that. Speaking of him, this is when he finally showed up to save the day.

“Shit, what happened to you!? ” He asked with an unsure smile on his face. He eyed suspiciously the girls beside us, who were all suddenly blushing and very gushy.

“I’m clumsy, you know me! Let’s go now… I don’t feel like getting a milkshake after all. ” I bitterly said as I glared at the girl who ruined my shirt.

“Wait, Niall! Can we get pictures!? We’re huge fans! ” One of them said with the biggest smile on her face. Niall nodded but his smile faded quickly when he noticed the empty cup in the milkshake-thrower-girl’s hands.

“You threw that on my friend, didn’t you!? ” He scoffed, although he wasn’t amused at all. They all stopped smiling and turned to glare at me like it was my fault.

“No.. I… I d-didn’t I was… I just meant to- ” She stuttered, trying to get herself out of this one but she was out of luck because Niall could see right through her weak lies.

“Look, I’m really glad you girls like the band and all but that was way out of line. You can forget about the pictures. ” Niall said sternly before he grabbed my arm and led me away from four very upset One Direction fans. We both stayed silent as we walked back to the car and got inside. I was about to mention the fact that we should do something quickly before I get milkshake all over his seat when Niall started to freak out.

“Holy fuck, this is my fault! This is our fault, the boys and I. Look how they’re treating you! I’m so sorry, Skye! I never though any of them would get to that and I- ” He frantically went on but I stopped him before he could stress out even more.

“Stop blaming yourself for this, it’s not your fault! Anyways, I think I’ll manage to survive a bit of milkshake on my t-shirt, alright? ” I laughed. Yes, I won’t lie. I would very much enjoy to slap the girl who did this to me but still, it wasn’t the end of the world.

“But it’s our fans- so this makes it our fault. My fault. ” He shot back, his face still full of guilt. I let out the longest sigh as I slapped his shoulder playfully.

“I swear to god if you don’t stop saying it’s your fault; I will punch you. ” I laughed out loud. Niall finally cracked a smile as he rolled his eyes.

“Now, can you please take me home so I can change? I guess we could watch a movie at my place or something..? ” I said as I looked down and sighed in annoyance at the state of my clothing.

“Whatever you wanna do! ” Niall said with a small smile as he started the car.

Niall and I went back to my house and watched Harry Potter movies for the rest of the day and I have to admit; it had been the best day I’ve had in awhile. It felt nice to hangout with Niall again, it almost felt like things were going back to normal again.

Niall left two hours before when my phone rang loudly which startled me since I was deeply engrossed in this book I was reading. I felt extremely guilty to smile widely at the familiar name on the display. I sucked in a deep breath as I pressed the little green button.

“Hey. ” I said trying my best not to sound too happy about him calling me.

“Hey, I just wanted to call to check up on you… Niall told me what happened today. I’m so sorry, Skye. ” I rolled my eyes and let out a loud grunt.

“Can all of you stop apologizing for one second!? I’m fine, Harry. I really am. ” I cried out in exasperation but still there was a hint of amusement in my voice.

“Yeah, you can keep saying that if you want but I know you and I know when you’re not fine. ” Harry sighed as if it was the most obvious thing ever that he could read me like an open book. I rolled my eyes and stayed silent for the longest time because I simply didn’t know what to tell him. It’s true that I wasn’t entirely fine but still, I wasn’t freaking out either. Basically, I was just annoyed by how well he could easily notice if I was fine or not.

“Even if I wasn’t fine, I don’t need you to worry anyway. I can take care of myself. ” I finally blurted out.

“Yeah but I can’t help it. ” I swear to god, it’s like I could hear him smile through the phone.

“You can’t help what? ” I chuckled, amused by his blissful tone.

“Worrying about you. I always worry about you. ” He said matter-of-factly. I sucked in a deep breath and smiled. He was absolutely impossible.

“That’s exactly my point, Styles. I don’t want you to worry about me and anyway… Harry, you need to stop doing that. ” I said as I bit down on my bottom lip. I was trying my best to fight back a smile.

“What do you mean? ” He laughed quietly and I silently cursed him for being so adorable.

“You can’t keep calling me all the time like that and… Last week, you know… The whole kissing thing. It can’t happen again. ” I mumbled, kind of embarrassed to say it outloud.

“Why not? ” He whined like a 5 year old child.

“Because this is all way too complicated for me to handle and… I’m still with Matt even though he knows about the backstage-concert-thing and Harry we can’t- I mean I can’t… We need to stay away for awhile I think and- ” He cut me off before I could finish.

“Yeah… Not gonna happen, sorry. ” His overjoyed tone left me wondering if he was either deaf or just really stupid.

“Harry, I just told you that I- ” I began but once again, he interrupted me.

“Well, we can’t really stay away from each other because… Well… ” I opened my mouth to reply but suddenly, the doorbell echoed through the whole house. I let out a very unladylike grunt as I stood up angrily to go answer whoever was at the door. I had a good idea of who it was but still, I had to go answer anyway.

“Harry Styles, you are the biggest idiot I have ever met in my life and I will- ” I flung the door open and rolled my eyes at the sight of a beaming Harry, more pleased than ever. “ -kill you. ” I finished on a bitter tone with the hint of a smile on my lips.

“Me and the boys thought the least we could do after what happened today was to invite you over so we could drink expensive champagne because now we can afford that sort of shit so, why the hell not? ” He said with a stupid smirk on his face.

“Alright, I’ll come but only if you promise me that you’ll keep your distance. We have to stop fooling around… ” I said as I looked down at my feet.

“Look at you telling me that I have to keep my distance… If I recall, you kissed me back, darling. ” His damn annoying smirk made me sigh very loudly which only made him laugh in return.

“So are you coming or not? ” He grinned, the mischief in his eyes got me thinking that he’d do everything but keep his distance later tonight.

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