More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


7. Sigh Of Relief


I just stood there, at the front door, not moving a muscle. I was supposed to finally meet Louis after that cryptic text message I received from him the day before. The thing is, I was really nervous about what was going to happen in there. It sounded like he was mad at me and I wasn’t ready to face a possible argument with him. Also, the thought of possibly seeing Harry today didn’t help my nervousness. I spent five minutes right there, thinking whether to knock and face my problems or just go home and hide forever in my bedroom. The second option seemed alot better but still, I wasn’t that careless teenager I used to be. I had to stay and face whatever Louis had to say to me. I sighed heavily and knocked loudly on their front door. I waited quite awhile until I finally heard a voice from inside screaming: ‘It’s open!’. I opened the door shakily, cursing myself and my bad luck since the voice was obviously Harry’s and I was hoping to avoid him as long as I could but apparently, I couldn’t. I looked down at my outfit and felt happy with myself though. I was wearing a cute and short floral dress. I was also wearing my favorite leather jacket and this new pair of blue ankle boots that I was rather fond of. If I was going to get in fight with Louis and/or Harry, atleast I looked damn good. I followed the sound of the television and found Harry sitting on the couch, all by himself. Great, I was alone with him once again… This is just great.

Harry didn’t even notice it was me until I walked in the living room and he made sure to look unpleasantly surprised, which only made me feel even worse, of course.

“Oh… It’s you again. ” He said bitterly, turning his attention back to the tv. I swear to god, as much as I loved this bloody idiot, sometimes I just really wanted to rip his stupid head off.

“Yes! It’s me again! I came to see Louis… Is he in? ” I said quickly, crossing my arms.

“Oh! Is Louis next on your to-do list? ” He said with a huge fake smile on his face. I opened my mouth to respond but for a moment, I was just too confused to even say anything. After a long silence, I finally picked up the courage to ask him what the fuck was he actually talking about.

“Excuse me!? ” I breathed, glaring at him without any shame. The more I thought about it, it was actually ironic how I loved him so much but at the same time, there was moments when I really hated him.

“You know, first it was Niall and then it was me… Is Louis next? Or maybe it’s Zayn? You should stay away from Liam since he’s still with Tatum but yeah… Knowing you, nothing is off limits, right? ” He sounded so bitter and upset that I was left speechless for another minute or so. Did he really think that low of me now?

“You’re really a fucking twat, you know? ” I said sharply, still glaring at him. He just shrugged and turned back to the tv.

“So is Louis here or not!? ” I half-screamed, getting really annoyed with his attitude. He didn’t even bother looking at me, he just shrugged arrogantly once again and stayed silent. I mean I knew he was upset but still, he didn’t even to act like a dumbass twelve year old. I scoffed and let myself fall on the coutch just by his side. He jumped at my sudden movement and glared at me.

“Well, since Louis is not here, we might as well spend some quality time together, don’t you think!? ” I said with a high-pitched voice and a big sarcastic smile. And then, the most amazing thing happened… He smiled. Not just a ‘Wow, you are an idiot’ smile but a genuine ‘You’re making me smile’ smile. Even though that smile faded quickly as soon as he realized I saw it but still, it was done. I saw it and now, I was ready to hold on to it. I wanted to make things right and in that moment I knew I would hold on to this small smile so I could remember that it’s not entirely gone. Harry and I, I mean… It’s not gone. It can’t be.

We stared at each other without saying anthing for a while until I heard footsteps behind us.

“I see how it is now… You’re ditching me to hangout with Prince Charming over here, yeah? ” Louis said with a stupid smirk on his face. At first, I just wanted to smile and ignore his comment but a part of me… A really stupid part of me remembered that it was a suspicious thing to do since I had a ‘boyfriend’.

“My only Prince Charming is Matt. You know, my boyfriend? ” I blurted out as I quickly got up and made my way to Louis. He awkwardly cleared his throat as he glared at me. What? It was the truth! Well, it wasn’t the truth at all but as far as he knew, it was for him. He took my hand and lead me away from this uncomfortable situation. Once we were in his bedroom, he slammed the door behind him and turned around to face me.

“I can’t believe you just said that… infront of Harry. ” He muttered, his eyes wide open. I rolled my eyes at him and sat on his bed.

“What!? I just want to be his friend, not his girlfriend… I’m with Matt. ” I was really proud of my performance right there. I sounded actually convincing.

Anyways, a part of me wasn’t lying though. I did want to be his friend… I wasn’t so sure if trying to get him back was a good idea. He was only here for the summer and we had so much history together… But my heart was telling me to go for it, which was really confusing for me to deal with.

“Fine! Whatever! Look, I didn’t invite you here to talk about that… I have something to tell you. ” Louis said on a dead serious tone. I got up immediately as I eyed him suspiciously. I crossed my arms as I was still glaring at him. I had a bad feeling about this… I mean, it’s Louis! The guy who is constantly on a good mood and annoyingly happy all the time. He’s just never like this… He’s never worried or nervous. Whatever he wanted to tell me, I knew it was really bad. I gave him the ‘Just tell me already’ look and after he took a long deep breath, he finally gave in.

“I asked your friend Claire out! ” He screamed at the top of his lungs, as if he was finally saying out loud a shocking secret that he had been keeping for a long time. I sighed heavily, I was relieved but also disappointed… I was expecting alot more dramatic than that.

“That’s it..? ” I raised an eyebrow, letting myself fall on his bed behind me once again.

“What do you mean!? I’m freaking out! I don’t know what she likes and… Where do you think I should take her!? It’s tomorrow night! Skye, what should I do!? ” I laughed at his agitated voice and nervous look in his eyes. I’ve never seen Louis like this before. I’ve never seen him being so nervous about a date before. It was all very amusing to me.

“Calm down! Just take her to a nice restaurant or something? ” I said, still laughing a little. He glared at me when he realized I was blatantly laughing at him but I didn’t care, I just kept laughing.

“Are you sure..? And why are you laughing!? ” Louis cried out, more stressed than ever. I rolled my eyes and got up to grab him fiercely by the shoulders.

“Claire likes simple things. It’ll be fine! Trust me and… Oh, it’s just funny because I thought you were about to breakup with me or something! ” I laughed really loud at the end which made him laugh too.

“Breakup with you!? Are you high, Isaacs? ” Louis said, out of breath because he was laughing like there was no tomorrow.

“I thought you were gonna dump me as your friend or something!? Your text make it sound like that, okay!? ” I said, still laughing about the whole situation. We laughed for awhile, then he asked me advice about his date with Claire and when I was just about to leave… The boyfriend subject was brought up again.

“So… About Matt, do you love him? ” Louis asked as he was intensely staring at me. I gulped harshly and smiled nervously. Louis had this annoying habit of knowing me too well… It was safe to say that I was a little bit scared at that point.

“Well… He’s my boyfriend..? ” I scoffed, hoping it would be enough for Louis. A spark of curiosity appeared in his eyes, which made me feel even more nervous.

“Yeah, you didn’t answer my question. ” A small smile formed on his lips. “ What about Harry..? ” I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. What should I say? I couldn’t possibly tell Louis the whole truth… He would be mad at me for lying to everyone.

“You know what? Let’s hangout tonight! We have alot of things to talk about… ” Louis’ wicked smirk made me want to die right there infront of him. I wasn’t ready and/or prepared for Harry questions and such… But looks like I’ll have to deal with it.

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