More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


20. Only Human


After two hours of laughing, mindless chatter and three red solo cup of expensive champagne, my vision and judgement was definitely clouded. It was only the six of us, the boys and I but let me tell you; we were having a fantastic time. There was empty bottles and cups all over the kitchen table, Zayn and Liam were playing guitar hero so loudly I’m pretty sure the whole state could hear them right now. It reminded me of all the parties Niall used to throw during our school years, the memory felt strangely sad for a second or two. I laughed at the sight of Zayn screaming at Liam because this one was currently beating the shit out of him in the game. Niall cheered them on and yelled like an idiot as Louis was in a corner somewhere talking to someone on his cellphone. I brought my drink to my lips slowly as I realized Harry was missing all the fun. I had thought he left to go to the bathroom earlier but it had been more than 20 minutes now, something was definitely wrong. I finished my drink and quietly left the room without any of the boys realizing it. I checked the bathroom first but it was empty so of course; unless he had escaped the house, the most likely other place where he could be was his bedroom. The loud music and booming screams from Zayn confirmed me that they were still all very busy with the game and not with my whereabouts so I made my way to Harry’s room very quickly before they could notice. The door was open and the light was on, I grinned, he was without a doubt in there. I poked my head in as I stayed in the doorframe, he was just sitting on his bed texting and he hadn’t notice my presence yet.

“I knew you were fun at parties but now you’re just out of control, aren’t you? ” I quipped. He looked up and smiled brightly which made my heart jump in my chest. I thought he would reply something witty back but no, to my great surprise, he jumped to his feet and seized me by the waist and threw me onto his bed. I yelped and laughed along with him for what it feels like hours. It was although very distracting to have him on top of me now. He held on firmly to my wrists to keep me from moving.

“I missed this. Us… having fun. ” He said quietly, his eyes never leaving mine. I let out a shaky laugh as a smile found it’s way on my face.

“Mutual. ” I whispered just loud enough for him to hear. The alcohol and the sight of his beautiful face just inches away from mine made me extremely dizzy in all honesty.

I tricked him by leaning in, he was probably thinking I was about to kiss him, but instead I took advantage of this small moment of weakness and flipped him over so I was the one on top now.

“Oh well, I’ve always liked you better on top, you know. ” He smirked as I let out a sarcastic laugh. Before I could even say something, he was grinding his hips into mine as he held me down fiercely. I had to keep myself from moaning out-loud at the realization of how hard he was. One of his hands snaked behind my neck to pull me down into a very much heated kiss. I roughly palmed his erection as his tongue slipped into my mouth. I knew we shouldn’t be doing any of this since apparently Matt and I were still fake-dating but technically, we were not so it was all very confusing to know if it was really a wrong thing to do or not?

“Holy fuck, stop! Stop everything! ” A very alarmed Louis screamed. We broke our kiss to stare at him in surprise and annoyance.

“You guys are terrible! Skye, I thought you were still dating Matt? What the fuck are you doing!? ” Louis said, his hands frantically moving all around.

“I’m still with him but I- ” I stuttered which earned me a loud sigh from Louis and a very uncomfortable glare from Harry who was still under me.

“Look, we were friends before we started dating. I care about him, I don’t know how to tell him without hurting him and- ” I went on confidently like I was starting to believe my own lies.

“Well, you better think of something and be quick about it because he’s coming over with Claire very soon. ” Louis cut me off without any shame. My eyes widened in horror after the last couple of words that escaped from his mouth.

“Why did you invite him!? ” Harry said like a true jealous boyfriend. I climbed off Harry and his bed and buried my face in my hands, this was all just too much, the last thing I needed right now was a Matt and Harry face-off.

“I wanted Claire to come so she said she’d bring Matt along for Skye… But looks like she’s just fine in your company, yeah? ” Louis shot back, glaring at me but I noticed the hint of a smile on his lips.

“I’ll leave you two alone now… Just make sure you’ve got clothes on when your boyfriend gets here alright, Skye? ” He mocked me and his little joke earned him a deadly glare from Harry and I. Louis left the room in a haste to leave me alone with a very annoyed looking Harry.

“Talk about ruining a moment, huh? ” I blurted out, laughing nervously. Harry chuckled as he took my hands to bring me closer to him. I looked up to meet his meaningful gaze and for a second or two, it took my breath away; the way he looked at me in that moment. I secretly wished it could stay like this forever. Gazing into his beautiful eyes and never leave his side.

“Let’s go before he gets here. Just you and me, let’s get out of here. ” He said in a low voice. I smiled sadly, oh how I wish I could just run away with Harry forever and forget about everything else… But it’s reality and things like that just doesn’t work out in real life.

“No… We can’t. ” I finally whispered after a long silence. “ Let’s just pretend that there’s nothing going on between us… We’ve done it before, it shouldn’t be that hard. ” I said quickly as I pushed his hands away as gently as possible. The disappointment was evident in his eyes but I tried my best to ignore it.

“Yeah, you’re right. ” He nodded and forced a smile. I had a feeling our evening was about to turn to absolute shit because well, we were both drunk and emotionally fucked up beyond repair and on top of all this Matt was coming over and Harry was already jealous enough when it came to him and drunk, well, he was just even worse. He walked past me to go join the boys who were all still in the living room having fun and drinking. I didn’t move for awhile, I just stayed there in the middle of his bedroom a bit disappointed that Louis had interrupted what we were about to do a couple of minutes ago.

“ Could today get any worse? Seriously? ” I mindlessly said to myself, as I recalled my not-so-lovely encounter with those idiots at Milkshake City and now… this.

After a couple of minutes, I decided to finally go join them but as I reached the hallway, the front door slammed shut and two familiar voices made me froze in place. He’s here, oh my god, already!? I tried to put on the greatest smile I could possibly muster and walked in the living room. Matt was shaking hands with Liam and Louis was already snogging Claire like there was no tomorrow, how wonderful. I finally catched Matt’s attention after he had said his hellos to everyone. I grabbed his hand forcefully and smiled a little; trying to hide how truly stressed I felt about all of this.

“Matt! Can we talk for a sec? Please? ” I said in a high-pitched voice, my nerves getting the best of me. I wasn’t about to give him time to even agree or not, I was already dragging him away when Harry’s voice stopped me from moving another muscle.

“Hold on, Skye. I wanna say something to your boyfriend first. ” Harry said, his eyes strangely full of guilt. I tried to protest but nothing came out. I couldn’t breathe. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid; Harry and Matt fully interacting with each other. Matt gave me a confused glance and on the other side of the room; Claire was looking like she was about to pass out.

“Harry, it can wait please I just want to- ” I choked out, blatantly nervous about the whole situation.

“No, it can’t wait. Look, mate, I’m sorry I kissed your girlfriend last week. ” Harry said with some sort of apologetic look on his face but something was off about him. He looked almost… happy to tell him that? Matt’s eyes widened in surprise but he smiled a little and went along with it.

“It’s fine, man. Skye explained it and we’re cool, don’t worry about it. ” Matt replied, trying his best not to show how nervous he was about lying like that. Oh god, he was even worse at this than me. His sister, who is a fantastic actress, must have been so ashamed of us in that very moment.

“Although… I’m not really sorry for kissing her again today and almost sleeping with her tonight. ” Harry’s words made my stomach turn. He was…smiling? Not that annoying smirk of his but instead he was pulling that stupid and innocent looking grin he always pulled when he’s in trouble. I heard Claire gasp and Zayn whisper ‘oh shit’ and let me tell you; our good lord above was honestly making a joke out of myself because this day had definitely got even worse.

“Oh..? ” Matt mumbled, confused but unfortunately not looking very angry or displeased. I glared at him, hoping he would understand I wanted him to look a little bit angry because usually a boyfriend would react alot more at such revelations.

“Oh… my god! I can’t believe it! ” Matt half-yelled, trying his best to sound surprised and angry but it was just ridiculous. We all could see right through his act. I let out a loud sigh and wished I could be somewhere else right now or perhaps just dead. I turned to Harry who seemed confused, well, everyone looked awfully confused except Claire who just seemed really disappointed in her brother’s performance.

“That’s it? Don’t you care at all? Do you even care about her!? ” Harry said on a defensive tone, stepping closer to Matt. I felt like I was about to throw up, it was getting out of control. Liam stepped in thinking Harry was about to make a really big mistake and Niall joined in too. Harry was getting angry at them all for trying to stop him from going at Matt and in a matter of seconds, everyone was arguing and screaming at each other. I was speechless at first but in the end, I just decided that it had to stop. This stupid masquerade had lasted way too long already and it was my job to put an end to it.

“Matt and I are not dating, Harry! ” I screamed so loudly that everyone stopped to turn and look at me. The room fell silent for a minute or two. Harry was staring at me with an inexplicable look on his face.

“What are you talking about? You said you were still with him earlier and- ” He began but I cut him off before he could finish.

“I lied! We’re not together… We never were. ” I said, my voice oddly calm considering the fact that I was most likely about to go into cardiac arrest. Harry frowned and well, everyone looked more lost than ever except Claire and Matt, of course.

“What do you mean you never were..? ” Louis asked.

“Matt’s only my friend. We never dated. I lied because… I wanted to make you jealous. ” I blurted out, my eyes never leaving Harry’s. The amount of emotions that washed over his face after my last words is astonishing. At first he seemed confused, then surprised and after that he looked terribly angry but most of all, he seemed to look more betrayed than anything else. I looked around the room and felt sick at the sight of all my friends glaring at me. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt Harry’s angry stare on me.

“I guess that’s my cue. I’m gonna go home. ” I mumbled, my breathing erratic because of all the crying. I ran past all of them but as I leaned to grab the doorhandle, strong hands grabbed my shoulders and spun me around.

“I should have known… I should have known you hadn’t changed at all! You’re still the same manipulative, lying bitch you always were! ” Harry spat, more furious than I had ever seen him. I had trouble breathing and more tears left my eyes as I tried to think of something to say.

“You’re finally starting to see me for who I really am… It took you long enough. ” I said, my voice cracking at the end. He stepped back, he gulped harshly as tears filled his eyes. I turned around as quickly as I possibly could and slammed the door shut behind me. I thought the truth would maybe-possibly make me feel better but it didn’t. It was awful, I ruined everything and they all hated me now. I guess I deserved it but in the end it hurts all the same.

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