More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


17. Night And Day


I just sat there on the couch as Zayn, Liam and Niall filled me in every single detail that they could possibly tell me about this big drama. I know that me and Harry’s kiss and the little fight we shared afterwards was online and also that Harry’s little stunt during the show, when he dedicated that damn song to me, was all over the gossip websites as well. Everyone assumed Skye was the same girl that Harry kissed in the video so eventually, some fans found via Louis’ facebook a certain Skye Isaacs and quickly enough, every One Direciton fans in the world were now pretty much aware of my existence and most of them hated me too apparently. The boys kept talking about the press and how ‘their image was tarnished’ or something like that but I wasn’t really paying attention after awhile. All I did was stare at the wall infront of me as I kept thinking about Harry in all of this. Where was he right now? Was he okay? Was he mad at me? Also, I wondered what this meant for us… I mean, where did we stand now with all of this?

“Where’s Louis by the way? ” I blurted out, not wanting to show that I was deeply worried about Harry first but still, I was very curious about Louis’ opinion in all of this since he was MIA.

“He’s with Harry at our place. He spent all day lecturing him, it was quite amusing to witness… ” Niall said with a small chuckle. I frowned as I saw Liam glare at Niall.

“There’s absolutely nothing funny about this situation, Niall. ” Liam’s stern tone left me speechless. I never saw him that angry or upset before, it was very strange. Niall looked down at his feet like a small child caught doing something bad.

“Is there anything I can do to make all of this better? ” I said hoping to break the weird tension between the boys. All I got was a sympathic small smile from Zayn.

“At this point, there’s nothing anyone can do I think. The press will eventually find something else to focus on and… Well, about the fans, let’s just hope they can get past that as well. ” Zayn words did not make me feel better at all. It could take weeks before the press would move on to someone or something else and the fans… I felt so bad for the boys because now the fans were disappointed in Harry for something that I was to blame for.

The boys eventually left because they had a meeting to get to and well, I was glad to be alone again so I could cry my eyes even more. I felt so guilty because I was to blame for all of this and the worst thing is that they didn’t have a clue and they blamed Harry like everyone else instead. I mean, if I wouldn’t have decided to pretend that I was dating Matt, the fans would have seen a kiss and well… Maybe some sort of argument but nothing involving Harry breaking up a couple which made them all so very upset with him. After a couple of hours of just laying on my bed, cursing the day I was born and whatnot, I decided to go online to see the damage I caused. I don’t know what their fans were up to usually but wow they are fast and good at finding out information… My tumblr inbox was full of hateful messages and my facebook page was just the same since my profile was set to public. Out of shame and annoyance, I deleted both accounts. On all the big gossip websites, Harry and I were the number one subject and it made me sick to read all of these made up stories about us. All of these articles were exaggerating and everything was mostly false. It made Harry look so bad that I almost started crying right there infront of my computer. This was also during that very moment that I decided that I couldn’t just let this one go. I had to do something to somehow fix this. I had to do this for Harry. I jumped out of my bed and quickly called Claire since I had her on speed dial.

“Hey! What’s up, Skye? ” Claire answered, she was really friendly as usual but I had no time for this.

“Claire, something happened and… I need your help. ” I couldn’t stop my voice from shaking.

“What is it!? ” I bit my bottom lip out of nervousness. It was a crazy idea but I had no choice. I had to do it.

“Could I borrow your publicist for a little while today? I need to do something important. ”

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