More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


15. I Would For You


The place was packed. It was full of people but of course, I wasn’t that surprised after all. Everyone was so obsessed with One Direction ever since they got in America. Everyone, everywhere, was always talking about them and because of that, their popularity just kept growing. Niall told me that this concert at The House of Blues sold out in barely 3 minutes. That’s completely crazy but incredible for the boys though. Seeing them after 2 years, I realized how much they actually love it so much; the band and everything. I was so happy for them. Yes, I was very happy but also very nervous since I was with Matt… He ended up saying yes and there I was, waiting for my best friends to perform in the company of my fake boyfriend. Something felt so wrong about this. I knew it would have been worse to come here on my own but being here with Matt felt odd. I was meant to go out with the lads after the gig and I felt kind of relieved that Matt would be there but also, I felt very frustrated that I wouldn’t get some alone time with Harry. Although, this is exactly what I wanted to avoid since I didn’t want to go and make a mistake once again… But still, deep down, it’s all I wanted.

I was lazily looking down (since Matt and I were upstairs in the balcony VIP section) at all the fans screaming and crying already when my phone in my pocket buzzed. I smiled as I read a text message from Niall saying ‘come hangout backstage ill come get u!:) x’. I did not expect them to invite me backstage just before the show but what the hell? It’s not like I could say no to my boys anyway. Matt said he was good up there and that’d he wait for me so I quickly made my way out of the small VIP crowd and carefully went down the stairs, trying my best not to trip since I was wearing awfully high heels. Like he promised, Niall was hiding behind a huge bodyguard near the ‘staff only’ door, waiting for me. I smiled brightly at the sight of his overexcited expression. He took my hand rather fiercely and dragged me into the darkness of the backstage area.

“I’m so glad you could come! I still can’t believe that many people showed up… It’s completely mental! ” Niall rambled about his happiness and excitement some more and I just let him. This is what made him and the boys happy and I was so pleased for them that I couldn’t possibly allow myself to put an end to his joy.

“Well, you guys deserve it. ” I said, in all honesty. Niall stopped and turned around so abruptly that I gasped. He pulled me into a tight hug before I could even get a word out.

“I was really bummed that you missed us on the show and everything last year but… I’m really glad that you like the band and- ” I pushed him away so I could firmly grab him by the shoulders.

“I don’t like the band; I love it! And I’m really proud of you guys, I was all along. ” Niall grinned so widely that I thought his face was going to explode for a second. He led me through this mess of people running around and screaming orders at each other, since you know, the show was about to start. We finally got in this small room where the rest of the boys were. I guess it was their dressing room since there was clothes and hair products everywhere. They all happily said hello to me as Niall led me inside. My eyes immediately fell on Harry, who was looking directly at me and smiling that beautiful smile of his. I was having a nice chat with Zayn when some tall and nervous guy appeared in the doorway.

“Hey guys, we have to wire you all up for your earpieces and everything. ” Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall all ran outside of the room following that guy but oddly, Harry didn’t.

“Can we talk for a sec? ” He said, his voice rather low and visibly nervous but that didn’t stop him from staring at me like I had something on my face. Harry had this habit of always staring, right into my eyes or should I say; my soul. It made me feel so vulnerable but at the same time, I completely loved it.

“Yeah, alright… What is it? ” I replied, trying my best to sound casual even though my heart was beating really fast due to his intense gaze.

“I wanted to ask you if- ” He began but he didn’t have the time to finish since Louis jumped into the room, without a clue that he totally interrupted our little moment.

“Skye! Is Claire here yet? If yes, why didn’t she come backstage with you? ” Louis asked with a smirk on his face. Ah, Claire. She was all Louis was talking about these days.

“She couldn’t make it tonight, I’m sorry. I came here with Matt. ” My last words changed the pleasant atmosphere in the room. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Harry stiffen and his loud sigh just proved me even more how much I really shouldn’t have said that. The same guy who came up to talk to them dragged Louis away before he could respond and also screamed at Harry to follow him right this second. Harry didn’t move though, he just stayed there. He was still staring at me but something in his eyes had changed; he seemed alot more upset now.

“You came with…him? ” His stern voice caught me off guard. The bitterness in his tone surprised me too. I sighed rather loudly as I felt like another argument was about to spark between us.

“Yes, I did. He’s my boyfriend after all. ” I didn’t mean to sound rude but I did anyway. He scoffed as he ruffled his hair. Wow. He really was upset because I noticed that Harry only did that when he was really annoyed and/or mad.

“Harry, I didn’t mean to- I mean that, can we please not do this right now? I thought things would be better between us! ” I half-screamed in exasperation.

“Then, what are you doing here!? ” He screamed back, motioning to the room that we were in at the moment.

“What are you talking about..? ” I demanded, my voice shaking a little. I didn’t like where this was going at all. I had a bad feeling about this.

“This whole friendship bullshit, I don’t buy it. We can’t be just friends, Skye. We can’t! ” I looked down at my shaking hands because I knew he was right but I was too much of a coward to even dare to look up at him while the truth poured out of his mouth.

“Why do you keep coming back for more if you’re with him!? What do you actually want from me!? ” Harry pleaded, his voice suddenly alot closer than before. I looked up and noticed he actually stepped closer to me while I was busy looking down at my hands.

“You should go, Harry. The concert’s about to start. You should go. ” I breathed, trying my best to hold back my tears.

“Not before I do this. ” I frowned in confusion and then, all of a sudden, he stepped even closer and I did not even had the time to move or say anything that he crashed his lips to mine. I was obviously startled at first but I eventually gave in. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it for a moment. It’s when his tongue grazed at my bottom lip, begging for entrance, that I remembered that this was supposed to be entirely wrong since I had a boyfriend apparently. I pushed him away from me before things could get any messier.

“What the fuck are you doing..? ” I hissed, as I ran the tip of my fingers over my lips, as if they were still burning with his touch. It felt kind of unreal that Harry had just kissed me. For weeks, I thought that he despised me but no; it was quite the opposite I assume.

“Don’t act like you didn’t want this. ” He simply said as he reached for his blazer that was laying on the couch by our side.

“I have a boyfriend, Harry! I’m with Matt! I can’t believe you did this! ” I said angrily as I shoved him. I don’t know why I got so mad at him but I did. Maybe it was because he made me feel like shit for several weeks but in the end, it was all a lie. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him. There was this side of me really happy with him wanting me but still; I was mad at him for it. I wasn’t really that strong so of course, he stayed on his feet and barely even moved at all. He looked perplexed for a moment and he even tried to step closer to me but I pushed him once again, harder this time.

“ I can’t believe you did this. You ruined it. All of it. ” I said, tears glistening in my eyes. And by it, I meant all of this nice relationship we had going on since New York. I was a fool to begin with, to even think that things would be better. They never are with Harry. Never. He lazily put on his blazer and as he walked towards the door, he stopped just by my side and uttered in my ear.

“Then tell me, Skye. Why did you kiss me back if you really didn’t want this? ” I turned around slowly, meeting his sad but also confused eyes. Footsteps were heard and all of a sudden, Harry was gone.

“Harry, for fuck sakes! The show is starting in 8 minutes! ” A very nervous Liam exclaimed from the corridor. I just stayed there all alone for a minute or two. I honestly don’t know how long exactly, it was all too much for me to process. Eventually, I went back out there and I was relieved to see that Matt did not notice how upset I was. The last thing I wanted was anyone to know about what happened in that goddamn dressing room. 

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