More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


9. Drunken Ass


“I can’t fucking believe you bailed on this! ” I hissed as I tightly hold on to my cellphone. I was now infront of the boys’ house, I could hear the raging sound of this party from outside but I just stood there, screaming at my best friend on the phone because she was supposed to be there with me; but she wasn’t. On top of all this, it was friday night! I could have been at a club with Ryan, Jess and Connor but no… I already said to Niall that I’d come to his stupid party so I had to decline my friends’ offer. Also, Claire said she’d come to provide me her moral support but at the last minute, she had to work. She had to attend some sort of stupid gala award show or something.

I had to go alone to a party that I didn’t even want to go in the first place. This is why I hated my life sometimes.

“Since when do you not want to go to parties, huh? ” Claire screamed into the phone. I assumed she was surrounded by people. I could hear the obvious laughter and chatter in the background.

“I’m fine with parties! I love parties! But not this one, since Harry’s going to be there! ” I said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t you want to be his friend!? Ignoring him won’t help you with that, you know? ” I sighed heavily at my best friend who was just being the usual smartass that she is.

“I hate you. ” I mumbled to her as I began to walk towards the front door. I heard people cheering as the music got even louder… Good lord, how many people were in there actually?

“I love you too! Look, I have to go. Say hi to Louis for me! I’ll text you later. And try to behave, please!? ” Claire shrieked and hung up. I angrily threw my phone in my purse as I cursed Claire for being well… herself.

When I got to the door I realized it would be a stupid idea to knock since no one would even hear it. I opened the door slowly, expecting the worst and trust me when I say this, it was even worse than the actual situation I previously expected.

There was people everywhere. Everyone was screaming and/or jumping around like idiots. I really didn’t quite understand how there could be so many people at the boys’ party since they were new to town but still… They are One Direction after all. They were bound to make alot of new friends eventually. I was about to leave when I realized that it couldn’t be that bad actually… I mean, there was so many people in there that I could probably manage to avoid Harry all night if I wanted to. I smiled widely as I struggled to get past an enormous crowd of drunk people. I’m pretty sure I bumped into that young Kardashian girl as I made my way to the kitchen. Of course, why would I expect anything less than more celebrities at this party? A couple of steps away from the kitchen, I heard a familiar roar of laughter that made me smile even more. The second I stepped into the vast kitchen area full of teenagers drinking and playing a game of ‘I never’, my eyes fell upon a very much excited and drunk Niall who literally ran into my arms. I hugged him back as my mind was unfortunately flooded with unhappy memories. People playing a game of ‘I never’ in the kitchen at a party where I wasn’t really in good terms with Harry… I sighed silently to myself as I just watched history repeat itself.

“I’m so glad you made it! Do you want a drink!? ” Niall asked me with the biggest goofy smile I’ve ever seen. I thought to myself that I might aswell enjoy it and get shitfaced while I was there anyway.

“What are you offering me, Mr. Horan? ” I said with a devilish grin on my face. Niall ended up showing me everything they had which was alot of beer, rhum and vodka but I opted for an untouched bottle of champagne. It was almost like she was waiting for me. Niall was kind enough to open the bottle for me and talk with me as I started to drown my sorrows in expensive liquor. After an hour and a half, all the bottle was gone and… so was I. Everything was in kind of slow motion, I was a bit dizzy at times and I was also giggling non-stop for no reasons… I was pretty much really drunk.

Louis and Zayn appeared out of nowhere as I was talking to some really nice strangers and to Louis’ great disappointement, I had to inform him that Claire wasn’t coming.

“Really? I really wanted to see her… ” Louis whined and pouted like an idiot. I rolled my eyes and laughed loudly at his childish actions.

“Oi, someone’s drunk, yeah? ” Zayn smirked as he poked me in the ribs. I almost collapsed due to the amount of alcohol I consumed and my lack of balance in that moment.

“I’m just having a bit of fun! ” I exclaimed with a big smile on my face. Zayn smiled a little and pulled me into a quick hug. It was short but long enough for him to whisper in my ear though.

“Harry’s in the backyard by himself. Go talk to him, please? ” Louis was pulled away by some lads who wanted to talk to him so he was completely oblivious to Zayn’s little message. I took a deep breath and locked eyes with Zayn for a second. I didn’t know what good could possibly came out of this since I was awfully drunk but it doesn’t hurt to try. I nodded and walked away.

Maybe it was the alcohol that made me so eager to go talk to him because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have listened to Zayn and went to find Harry but I did and that’s what matters. I finally found the back entrance after five long minutes of intense searching but lucky for me, I was gracefully greeted by a cool summer breeze the second I stepped out of the house. I smiled to myself as I looked up at the stars. It was a beautiful night.

“What are you doing here..? ” A familiar husky voice mumbled at my left. I spun around and met Harry’s intense gaze. He was sitting all alone in the dark with a beer in his hand and well… He looked really upset… and drunk.

“I wanted to talk to you. ” I made my way to him and slowly sat down by his side. I just stared at him, waiting for him to say something; anything.

“What is there to talk about!? ” His strong gaze met mine once again, his bloodshot eyes and the shaky tone in his voice made me feel awful. He was the sad kind of drunk tonight and I feared it was all my fault.

“This is a party, Harry! Why are you out here by yourself? ” The words flew out of my mouth just like that, it was like my brain wasn’t even consulted anymore. He shrugged arrogantly and took another gulp of his beer.

“Can we just give it a rest for one night!? Can we just have fun for once!? ” I blurted out as I got up to my feet without really thinking.

“I don’t think I can do that, Skye! ” He shouted, his eyes filled with confusion and anger. A staring contest was led by Harry and I as silence fell upon us.

“ We’re both drunk and it’s a party for fuck sakes! We used to have fun together… We used to- ” I was rambling but I stopped myself before I could drop the L word. I was really drunk but fortunately not thatdrunk. Harry’s expression softened; much to my surprise.

“I know you hate me but… Don’t do this to yourself. You should go inside and have fun with your friends. ” I smiled even though my heart was breaking. I looked away to avoid his eyes and while I was randomly looking around, I saw it. It was far back in the yard… It was a trampoline. They had a bloody trampoline. I gasped and smiled like an idiot. It was like our emotional talk from two seconds ago never happened. I completely forgot everything and only focused on the trampoline.

“I don’t know about you, Styles but I’m going on that trampoline! ” I giggled, kicked my shoes off and sprinted towards this wonderful attraction of my dreams. I got there faster than I thought and as I was starting to climb to get on it, two strong hands pulled me back to the ground. I turned around quickly and met Harry’s worried eyes.

“You’re really drunk, Skye… It’s probably not a good idea. You could get hurt. ” He mumbled, his hands still on my hips.

“Come up with me to make sure I don’t get hurt then! ” I smiled proudly at my idea. All I wanted in that moment was to have a bit of fun with him. I missed it so much… I missed his smile so much. I especially missed being the reason to it.

Before he could even refuse my proposition, I climbed quickly on the trampoline and started jumping. My head was spinning a little and my legs felt numb but I kept going. It gave me the best feeling ever. Harry eventually gave up and joined me. We messed around and laughed for awhile. Well, I was laughing alot and Harry was trying his best not to but I could see right through him.

“I wonder what would happen if I do this..! ” I squealed as I let myself fall which caused Harry to fall on his back too, just by my side. I was laughing so hard I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood could hear me. I finally stopped laughing as I let myself admire the stars once again.

“The stars are so beautiful tonight… And there’s so many! Look! ” I gasped, like it was the first time in my life I was looking up at the sky.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you that drunk before! ” Harry joked with a small smile. I turned my head to his side to get a proper good look of his face.

“You’re smiling. ” I whispered and unfortunately for my poor drunk brain, I didn’t mean to say that outloud. His smile fell the second I mentionned it.

“For your information, I do smile alot, you know. ” Harry scoffed, getting a little defensive.

“Not when I’m around… ” I sighed as I turned back my attention to the stars above me. I was ready to lose all hope for Harry to actually be nice to me tonight when all of a sudden, he was on top of me; staring at me with those beautiful green eyes of his.

“Why are you doing all of this? After two years… Why now? ” He breathed, his eyes full of hope but also suspicion. I grinned as I let the tip of my fingers gently graze his lips. He gulped nervously but he didn’t slap my hand away, which was a good thing.

“Because I love to see you smile. Because I love it when you’re happy to see me. Because I- ” The last deadly words got stuck in the back of my throat and nothing came out. Before I could even say anything, Harry was away from me and already climbing off the trampoline. I screamed at him to come back and as he shouted ‘Forget it!’, I got up to go after him but I felt dizzy so all I can remember is falling on the hard ground and my left hand was absolutely killing me. I didn’t stay there for too long, one thing led to another and Harry was carrying me bridal style back into the house.

“Harry, I think my hand is bleeding! ” I laughed like an idiot at the sight of blood pouring from a small gash in my left hand.

“I told you you’d get hurt but you never listen to me. ” Harry scowled in disapproval. Alot of people gave me weird looks as Harry carried me to the bathroom but I was way too drunk to even care. The next thing I knew, I was on my feet again and we were in the bathroom together. He locked the door behind him and then turned to face me.

“Sit down and give me your hand. ” He gestured to the edge of the bath and I did as he asked. I was trying my best to keep it together as Harry was getting the first aid kit. My head was spinning out of control and I barely could feel my legs.

“It’s gonna sting a little. ” He said as he applied some kind of medicine on the wound. I flinched at the burning sensation but I kept my mouth shut. I stayed silent until he was done.

“You know you really didn’t have to do that… ” I said on a low voice as I looked up to meet his eyes.

“I know… ” He gently put a bandaid on my cut and looked up a bit to meet my gaze. “ But I wanted to. ” His voice was surprisingly soft and kind in that moment. I almost pointed out that it’s the nicest he’s been to me ever since he got in L.A but I decided to keep that information to myself. I smiled shyly as I tried to get up but stumbled on my way; due to the alcohol. Without a warning, Harry picked me up again.

“Put me down! I’m fine! ” I whined like a child as we made our way out of the bathroom.

“No, you’re not and you’re going to bed. It’s late. ” Harry said sternly as we entered his bedroom. I tried to protest but I was way too dizzy to even fight him at all. He softly laid me down on his bed and after that, much to my surprise; he began to take off his shirt.

“Be quick now before I fall asleep! ” I raised an eyebrow at the sight of his bare chest. Harry laughed so loudly; I couldn’t believe it. I was also left speechless at the sight of these abs he had now apparently.

“Shut up! ” He scoffed, still laughing at my indecent joke. He laid down by my side as I struggled to take off my jacket. I let myself fall on the bed after I succeeded and sighed heavily.

“You’re quite nice to let someone you hate so much sleep in your bed. Cheers for that. ” I laughed softly, trying to hide how upset I really was. We stayed silent for a bit after I spoke. All we could hear was the music from the party that was still going on outside of this room.

“I don’t hate you… Trust me, I tried but I can’t. ” His tone was stern though I detected an hint of sadness in it. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I turned to face Harry and found him looking back at me. For some reasons that I ignore, he took me by the hips and pulled me closer to him. I was shocked and confused by his actions but I decided to shut up since I was enjoying every second of it. I made myself comfortable in his arms and drifted off to sleep as this bittersweet night was coming to an end.

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