More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


2. Crunch Time


A week has passed since Matt agreed to pretend to be my boyfriend for the summer. Everything was  going to work. Matt and I were good friends and all he had to do is look at me like I’m the love of his life and kiss me from time to time… Nobody will ever know that it’s fake… Well, atleast I hoped so. I sighed heavily as I made my way into the kitchen, wishing I could just crawl in a hole and forget about reality. I was terribly hungry but I felt sick at the same time. I’ve been like that ever since the boys were in town, they landed on thursday to be more specific, I couldn’t help it. I was so damn nervous all the time. I was even scared to go out because I was so nervous at the idea of meeting them unexpectedly. I know Los Angeles is a really big city but still, my paranoia got the best of me. I was about to close to fridge and go back upstairs when my stomach growled which finally convinced me to eat something before I could end up passing out in a couple of hours. A trip to the hospital wasn’t in my plans so I just took some left-over pasta from the night before and put it in the microwave. I jumped up on the counter to sit and as I waited for my food, my step-mom walked into the kitchen, a big smile on her face. I forced a smile back and turned my attention back to the microwave as if it was the most entertaining thing ever.  “ The weather is amazing today! Such a shame I have to work late tonight… ” She exclaimed happily. I mumbled something that goes along like: ‘Hmmm, that’s unfortunate.’ and jumped on my feet the second the microwave was done re-heating my meal. I really didn’t want to play the nice daughter and care about what she had to say so I just took my plate and just as my foot touched the staircase, she started talking again.  “ Oh, Skye darling! When you were in the shower, one of your friends called. ” She peeped, as she was frantically looking through her purse.  “ And..? ” I breathed, irritated with the fact that she failed to tell me who it was since she was too busy looking for something in her bag. She finally took out her glasses and remembered I was still here since I wanted more informations about a certain friend who called me earlier.  “ Oh, it was a boy and he said he’ll be here around 3PM! ” She blankly said as she started to go through some papers, I imagine they were related to her work.  “ But who was it!? ” I exclaimed, very much annoyed that she still found a way to forget to tell me who it was exactly. “ His name was… Louis! Yes, he said his name was Louis. ” She said, still looking down at her papers. I swear to god, it took everything I had in me not to drop my plate and pass out right there in the stairs. Instead, I just ran upstairs and slammed the door behind me. Louis called. Louis was coming over to my house in 2 hours. Oh my god. What if he was coming over with Harry? What if they were all coming over with him? I ate my meal all alone in my bedroom as I tried my best to not strop breathing and die right there. All these horrible thoughts were driving me crazy. I wasn’t ready to see Harry today. For fuck sake, I don’t think I’ll ever be truly ready to see him again but… not today. Today was just not a good day. It was too soon. Way too soon for my liking.  After I was done eating, I almost ran to my bathroom to brush my teeth and to make sure I looked decent. Just incase Harry was coming over…. What? Even if I was going to pretend I’m not single for awhile, that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to find me pretty and well, want me… After applying some mascara and eye-liner, I realized that I was wearing the dullest outfit ever. It probably took me an hour to figure out what to wear. Wow, I was such a girl sometimes. After finally opting for my little white sundress, I fixed my hair so that it was curly enough but not too much. I smiled proudly as I looked at my appearance in the mirror. I looked great. I’ll even dare to say that I looked amazing. It was now 2:49PM. The nerves kicked in again. I was obviously nervous to see Harry but… The fact that I’ll see Louis soon made me nervous too since it’s been so long. We texted for awhile after I left but we eventually stopped because he was clearly busy getting famous on the X-Factor and the rest is history…  I waited patiently for 3PM while listening to music on my laptop. Okay, no, that’s a lie. I wasn’t patient at all, I was freaking out. I ended up watching an episode of The Office so I could think about something else and it’s only when it finished that I realized that he was actually late. It was now 3:22 and he was still not here. I groaned loudly as I got out of my bed and took my iPhone, having Claire on speed-dial, it wasn’t very long until she answered.  “ Hey Skye! ” Claire said cheerfully. She sounded like she was in a very good mood, unfortunately for her, I really wasn’t.  “ Louis called and said he’d be at my house by now but he’s not here yet so I think he forgot… I’m coming over right now because I’m about to jump off my balcony! Are you home? ” I said so quickly that I had to catch my breath afterwards.  “ Yeah, I’m home. And oh my god, Louis is coming over and- ” Claire started but I cut her off before she could even finish. “ I’ll explain everything. I’ll be there in 2.” I said as I grabbed my keys, put on flip-flops and ran downstairs. I didn’t know if my step-mom was still home or not but I didn’t care enough about her to tell her where I was going so I just ran to the front door but regretted my choice the second I opened it and found myself face to face with Louis Tomlinson. He obviously noticed how rushed and out of breath I was so he just smirked and said: “ Well, well… Skye Isaacs! It’s been awhile… ” He said, smiling. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. Absolutely nothing. Instead, I just grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a tight hug. For once in 2 entire years, I felt happy.

- -

I couldn’t stop smiling at all the stories Louis was telling me. He was telling me everything. Or everything I missed I should say… I felt a bit guilty I wasn’t there for them to be honest but I can’t change the past so hearing stories about it is all I’m ever gonna get. Louis told me about the X-Factor, how they finished 3rd but got signed by Simon Cowell’s label anyways. I knew all of that already but it was so sweet to see him talk about it with so many stars in his eyes. He seemed truly happy with the band and all. It made me almost emotional to see him like this. He told me about the release of their first single and how he felt when they learned it was number one in the charts. He talked about their album and their sold-out headlining tour back home. It sounded so surreal to hear all of that. I mean, I’m not stupid, I’ve been watching them grow as a band for the past 2 years and I kept myself updated on all the ‘One Direction’ news there was but seeing Louis, the boy I grew up with and also my best friend, tell me all of this… It was just crazy. He also managed to tell me all of these things without mentioning the H word, not even once. I was wondering how he felt about this, this thing between Harry and I. I was also wondering if he knew how Harry felt about me… Was it now just hate? Or was he mainly just upset I didn’t say goodbye? There was so many questions I wanted to ask but I didn’t have the courage to ask any of those.  We ended up laying on my bed, just talking and laughing. It was weirdly great. It was like I never left at all and nothing changed during these 2 years.  “ So, what about the others? Where are the boys? ” I asked curiously, even though my mind was screaming: ‘Where’s Harry!?’. “ Oh, they’re at the house. They think I’m at the gym… ” Louis said on a low voice. I sat up straight to glare at him. Did I hear him right or my mind was playing tricks on me? He said that like he felt guilty or something. Like it was some sort of bad thing that he was hanging out with me instead of being at the gym.  “ Is it like forbidden to be friends now or..? ” I asked on a defensive tone. I sincerely hoped it wasn’t the case. I mean, I can take and understand Harry hating me but the others? I wouldn’t understand at all.  “ No, no! They’re all dying to see you actually! We missed you, Skye. But it’s just… I didn’t tell them because… Harry would have freaked out. ” Louis said slowly, visibly trying to be very careful with his words. I sighed heavily as the H word finally escaped his lips. Sooner or later, I knew I would have to talk about him with Louis but it just felt all too much.  Louis sat up and slightly nudged my arm. My emotions were probably all over my face so it would be useless to lie to him about this.  “ He hates me, doesn’t he..? ” I shakily asked, not sure if I really wanted to hear his answer after all.  “ I don’t think he’ll ever be able to hate you even if he wanted to… But he’s upset, Skye. ” Louis said softly. I wasn’t too surprised. I knew he’d be upset with me but still… It hurts nonetheless.  “ So anyways, wanna come with me? You could have dinner with us tonight! ” Louis said cheerfully, as if he completely forgot what he said just seconds ago.  “ Yeah, I’d rather not… ” I said, giving him ‘the look’. If he didn’t understand by that look that I meant: ‘I don’t want to see Harry!’ then Louis was alot more stupid than I thought he was.  “ If it’s because of Harry, I’m sorry but Skye you’ll have to see him sooner or later so… ” I groaned loudly as I let myself fall on my bed. I know it was a childish thing to do but I just really didn’t want to see him… But still, there was this small voice in the back of my mind, screaming in excitement at the idea of seeing his beautiful face again.  “ I just really don’t want to face him today… It’s too soon. Maybe another time? ” I forced a smile, trying to convince Louis. Deep down, I knew he wouldn’t buy it. He knew me too well even after all of these years.  “ I’m not taking no for an answer. You are coming with me and you will apologize to him whether you like it or not. ” My eyes widened at his last words. Apologies? I think Louis forgot the fact that I don’t do apologies.  “ I’m not apologizing to anybody! ” I jumped on my feet, freaking out a bit too much. When I realized how stupid I just reacted, I took a deep breath and stared at my feet.  “ All I’m saying is that… You owe him atleast an explication and also, it would be best if you could explain… But apologize at the same time..? ” Louis asked carefully, he didn’t want me to start screaming again I imagine. I rolled my eyes and finally gave in. I nodded and smiled a bit. I really didn’t want to do this but… I’ll do it for Louis.  “ And anyways, knowing you two, you’ll probably end up apologizing by fucking each others’ brains out. ” Louis laughed, as I gasped dramatically. I slapped his arm and laughed along with him.  “ Ha ha! Very funny but… I’m afraid that sexual intercourse with Harry is not possible in the near future in my condition… ” I said, avoiding eye contact with him. I started searching for my phone and my keys around my room, hoping my lies wouldn’t be too obvious.  “ What do you mean? ” Louis asked, laughing curiously. I grabbed my keys, my iPhone and my wallet and turned around to face my best friend. I smiled shyly and took a deep breath, bracing myself with courage as lies were about to spill from my mouth.  “ I have a boyfriend. ” I said matter-of-factly. Like it wasn’t a big deal. Louis raised his eyebrows in surprise, he obviously didn’t see that one coming but still, he looked like he believed me. “ Really? Good for you. ” He said with a big smile, he truly looked happy for me, which only made me feel worse since it was all a big lie. I forced a smile and pushed him out of my bedroom. “ C’mon, let’s go to your place before I change my mind! ” I laughed as I ran downstairs, Louis  following me close behind. I sighed heavily as I kept saying to myself that I was about to see Harry again. After all this time, I was going to finally see him.

- -

As Louis and I just pulled up in the driveway of the boys’ house for the summer, the nerves seriously kicked in. As much as I wanted to focus on the beauty of this huge modern house… All I could think about was Harry and because of him, my heart felt like it was about to jump out of my chest. I was also terribly nervous to see the others. It’s been 2 years and everything was so different now. It was such a weird feeling. I kept asking myself if it would be just like Louis with them. With Louis earlier, it felt like I never left. It felt like nothing changed even if everything did. I was just so nervous to see how they’ll act around me. For Harry, I had no doubts on the fact that he’ll be mad but the others, I had no clue at all.  The sound of Louis snapping his fingers just infront of my face brought me back to reality. I probably zoned out for a moment or two, which was a bit embarrassing.  “ Are you alright? ” Louis laughed casually, as if he wasn’t aware that I was about to see the boy I’m in love with even if this one probably hates me by now.  “ I think I’m gonna be sick.  ” I mumbled as I burried my face in my hands.  “ Not in the car, please! ” Louis whined loudly, as he made his way out of the car. I scoffed at his indifference to the fact that I was about to puke and jump out of the car. Instead of walking towards the house with Louis, I was just standing there, not moving a muscle. I sighed deeply as I just stared at the enormous house infront of me. I was so afraid of what was about to happen that I couldn’t move at all.  “ C’mon, don’t be like that! It’s not like Harry’s gonna murder you or anything… Well, let’s hope he doesn’t! ” Louis cracked a smile but still, his little joke didn’t make me feel any better. I laughed sarcastically and finally gave in by following him. As he opened the front door, Louis said something but the sound of my own heartbeat was all I could hear so I entirely missed out on what he said so I just took a deep breath and stepped inside. I can’t quite recall what happened exactly in the next few seconds that followed the moment I entered the house because my body collided so violently with a very excited irish boy who literally jumped in my arms. I swear to god, I thought every bone in my body was about to break because of Niall’s firm grip. Tears formed in my eyes as Niall kept repeating he was so happy to see me after all this time. The second Niall broke apart from our embrace, it’s Liam who took his place and then it was Zayn. They were all smiling and so happy to see me that I honestly couldn’t believe it. We eventually all moved to the living room and started talking about almost everything. I was so happy to catch up with the boys that I barely even thought about Harry at all… Okay, that is a massive lie but anyways, I was still extremely happy to talk with the boys like that. Our reunion was alot better than I expected and I couldn’t be happier. We talked about all the gossip I missed between our mutual friends back home, funny things that happened to them since they are celebrities nowadays and I even learned that the not-very charming JJ that abused me years ago was now in prison. Maybe it was mean of me to smile about it but still, the asshole deserved it. I was also extremely delighted to hear that Liam was still dating my friend Tatum. We ended up talking about the many girls Louis shagged in the past few months and Zayn was also very proud to tell me about his conquests too.  “ You were a slut before you even got famous, Zayn. I can’t say I’m surprised! ” I said with a sarcastic smile on my face. The lads all started laughing while Zayn dramatically gasped and faked being hurt over my accusations. Even if everything was going absolutely well, I was now getting more and more nervous about Harry. Where was he? Did he know I was coming? Is he hidding from me now or..? “ Oh and… How’s Harry? Is he here..? ” I asked, trying my best to put a believable smile on my face. They all exchanged weird looks which only made me feel more nervous.  “ Yeah, he’s good… He’s in his room right now… Down the hall, last door on the right. ” Liam said awkwardly with a small encouraging smile. I nodded and got up quickly, I really wanted to avoid the weird tension that fell upon us the second I mentionned him. I slowly made my way into the said hallway Liam mentionned, hoping the following events wouldn’t be as bad as I imagined them to be ever since I left home.  I got to the last door on the right, I smiled to myself as I heard Ed Sheeran’s voice from the other side of the door. Harry always had a good taste in music, one of the many things I loved about him… I took a deep breath and knocked lightly on the door, my heart went all crazy the second I heard his voice telling me to come in. I gulped harshly and opened the door slowly, bracing myself for the following conversation. I lost the ability to breathe the second I saw him, more handsome than ever, sitting on his bed, doing whatever he was doing on his laptop. The small smile I had on my face disappeared the second he looked up to see who it was… The way he glared at me literally made me want to burst out in tears right there infront of him. “ Hey… ” I whispered, trying my best not to look so upset even if I was. I knew he’d be mad or that he would even hate me but… I never expected it to hurt that much.  I just stood there, looking at him and begging him with my eyes to say something but he just kept staring at me like I was the freaking antichrist or something.  “ Please say something! Anything! ” I blurted out, my voice shaking a little. He slowly closed his laptop and got up lazily, he turned his back to me and sighed heavily.  “ I honestly have nothing to say to you… ” He mumbled.  “ Look, I know you’re mad but I’m sorry and- ” I began but Harry spun on his feet, his eyes full of rage and he started screaming before I could even finish.  “ Me being mad is a fucking understatement! You just left, Skye! You left without telling me a thing and you expect me to forgive you with just a fucking ‘I’m sorry.’!? ” He was screaming so loudly that I guess all the boys could hear him. We stood there in silence for a while. “ Are you done now..? ” I asked carefully, upset by the fact that he screamed at me like that, even if I kind of deserved it. He scoffed arrogantly at my words and walked a couple of steps closer to me. At one point, I was so confused since our faces suddenly became so close that for a minute, I hoped he would kiss me but obviously… He didn’t. “ Oh dear, I’m just getting started. ” He said through gritted teeth, still glaring at me. He walked past me, his shoulder violently colliding with mine in the process. I stood there, in the doorstep, fighting back my tears for a couple of seconds but my pride took over in the end. I turned around and followed him closely, anger taking over me. I didn’t even care by now that we were in the kitchen and that the boys could see us.  “ I know what I did was terrible but you’re just acting like an immature little prick right now! ” I screamed, as I watched him put on his shoes, not daring to look up to meet my eyes. He was about to open the front door when Louis got up from the sofa, the others followed him immediately. “ Harry, c’mon, we were supposed to have a nice dinner all together with Skye and- ” “ I’d rather go out than spend one more second with that whore. ” Harry spat, looking at me straight in the eyes. I know I should have talked back but I was speechless.  “ What the fuck, Harry!? ” Niall angrily said. I watched Harry leave without saying a thing. I just couldn’t. I kept staring at the door, weirdly hoping he would come back to me with a smile on his face… Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized everything was officially ruined. The guy I fell in love with was gone now and… it was entirely my fault.

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