More Than This

Sequel to 'Sick Little Games'


3. Consistent Claire


I was laying on my bed, thinking about the very unfortunate events of the day before. I mean, I’m not an idiot, I knew Harry would be mad but I never expected it to be… that bad. I also did not expect it to hurt so much. I wish I didn’t but I still loved him after all of this time and seeing him with such anger and distaste towards me was just, alot harder than I ever thought it would be. There I was now, telling every possible details about that dreadful moment to Claire.

“ I can’t believe he talked to you like that! ” Claire screamed, her hands on her hips, she was looking rather pissed off.

“ Well, it’s not like I didn’t deserve it… ” The words escaped my mouth before I could even think about them first. Claire glared at me, like I just transformed in some kind of alien or something. I sat up and sighed heavily, well this was certainly a first, me, taking the blame for something wrong I did.

“ Are you alright..? It’s not like you to be this… righteous. ” Claire laughed a bit, which made me smile. She was right after all. I had too much pride and I never wanted to admit that I was wrong even if I was.

“ Well, everything is just different when it comes to Harry I guess… ” I sighed with a sad smile on my face. My thoughts drifted back to the day before. After Harry left, Louis dragged me to the bathroom so I could wash my face since I had make-up running down my cheeks. He didn’t say anything, he just waited for me to be done and once I looked all fresh again, he just hugged me and we went back in the kitchen. I considered going home but I finally gave in and stayed with the lads anyways. We had a nice dinner and I love them for doing everything in their power for trying to make me laugh. They never mentionned the ‘Harry incident’ and they kept making jokes and anything that could possibly make me laugh really. I appreciate that they did all they could to make it seem like nothing happened. It’s what I needed and I love them for that.

“ So, the boys are all happy to see you again but Harry hates you… What are you going to do? ” I shuddered at the ‘hate’ word. I knew she was probably right but there was something really awful about it being said from someone else. It seemed alot more true and real… I let myself fall onto my bed and let out a really unladylike grunt.

“ It’s actually possible to hang out with them without Harry, you know? He’ll vanish if he knows I’m near him anyways so it’s fine.. ” I mumbled, looking up at the ceiling.

“ I don’t care about that! He needs to say he’s sorry for calling you a whore so you’ll- ” Claire began but I stopped her immediately before she could even say more on the subject.

“ Claire, he doesn’t need to apologize! If there’s someone who needs to apologize here… It’s probably me. ” I sighed in defeat. Louis was right after all. I owed Harry an explanation and a true apology but it’s probably going to be hard since he’s ignoring me. Claire smiled a little and sat on my bed, she wasn’t saying anything but I had a feeling she had alot to say just by the way she was looking at me.

“ Okay, fine. Purge! Let it out! ” I laughed a little. I stared at her, waiting for her to finally say what she had on her mind. It took a moment for Claire to talk because she seemed terribly unsure for some reasons that I ignore but she eventually broke the silence.

“ You’re different. ” she said so quickly that I almost asked her to repeat what she said. I sat up once again so I could face her.

“ What are you talking about..? ” I asked curiously, not too sure where she was going with this.

“ I’ve known you for 2 years, Skye, and this is the first time I see you let someone walk all over you like that. ” I didn’t know what to say because… she was right. I smiled even though all I felt was sadness. Maybe I should have told her that it’s because it’s the first time that I actually want to put someone else first than myself but I couldn’t find the courage to say it out loud.

The silence wasn’t uncomfortable but still, I was sitting there, hoping she could change the subject because if she really wanted to go deeper into the whole Harry situation I had a feeling I would end up in tears and this is really not what I wanted.

“ Okay so… What are you really going to do about it..? ” Claire asked and I mentally thanked her for not going further into the whole ‘you’ve changed’ thing.

“ Nothing! I just really don’t want to deal with any of it… ” I whined really loudly. I just wish I could run away or literally just disappear from the planet so I wouldn’t have to face my problems.

Out of nowhere, Claire had this sudden weird look on her face. A weird look that scared me a little. Not only did she seem to have something on her mind but it felt like she had an idea… An idea that will probably not please me at all. Before I could even say a word, Claire jumped out of bed and took my phone that was on my nightstand. Everything happened so fast that I couldn’t even stop what she was about to do. I was about to jump on her literally but instead, she pushed me down on the bed and sat on top of me. I was stuck there, on my bed, with my best friend sitting on top of me and I couldn’t move at all.

“ Claire, I’m going to kill you. ” I said matter-of-factly, trying to move my arms but it was useless.

“ You’ll thank me for this one day, I promise. ” she said with a big smile on her face. Oh, that bitch. She was going to pay for it later. I was just about to start to scream like a lunatic when I heard the person she was calling finally answering.

“ Hello Louis! I know this is Skye’s phone but I’m her best friend, Claire. (…) Oh, yes! It’s me! (…) Oh thank you so much, you’re a sweetheart! ” I rolled my eyes at Louis complimenting Claire on her acting career probably.

“ Anyways, I was calling to invite you and the rest of the boys over to Skye’s for a little get together tonight! ” Claire said happily as I glared at her. After a moment of Louis talking but unfortunately for me, I couldn’t hear, Claire finally started talking again.

“ Wonderful! And oh, can you please make sure to drag that Harry boy along… Skye really wants to talk to him. ” She said with a wicked smile on her face. Wow, I really hated her in that very moment for this. The following exchange between Louis and Claire is kind of a blur since I literally stopped breathing and I kept repeating: ‘oh no, please no, oh no.’ She eventually hung up and get off me but I just stayed there on my bed for a moment, wishing I could just die or something.

“ Alright, so, they’re all coming over here around 7! ” Claire said happily which is kind of ironic since I was glaring at her, wondering how I could quickly murder her with my bare hands.

“ Oh my god! Why did you do that!? Harry doesn’t want to see me and I really don’t want to talk to him right now! ” I screamed as I jumped out of bed, facing her.

“ Look, you don’t want him to apologize, fine! But he said you’re a whore and I’m not okay with that. I want to make him suffer a little bit. ” Wow, at first I was angry at her but now I was just scared.

“ What are you going to do to him!? ” I said, visibly worried. Claire laughed a little and grabbed me by the shoulders.

“ I’m not going to do anything. You will. Matt is free tonight… You’re going to make your little popstar jealous! ” Claire said with a vicious smile. It was so strange, to see her plotting like that since she was the one against the whole fake boyfriend thing only days ago… It would be fair to say that now, the tables have definitely turned since I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to do it anymore.

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