The Devils Mansion

A spooky tale about a boy, who goes to visit the devil.


1. Devil

The window creeks

So does the floor,

Mice squeak

As I open the door.


Cobwebs like string

And a clock that chimes,

Phones don't ring

But this poem rhymes


I walk up the stair

With a very light foot

Cobwebs catch in my hair

And it's dark as soot.


I enter a room

Not wanting to disturb

They say it's your doom

This place is absurd.


Rats on the bed

And bats on the roof

It's getting clear in my head

That it's all just a spoof.


I head to the hall

With a fiendish grin,

When I trip and fall

Toppling into the bin.


'You think you're a rebel'

My friends used to say

'Go visit the devil

He might want to play.


So here I am

In the devils litter

There's a child's pram

And I feel awfully bitter.


I turned around

And sitting on a shelf

Above the ground

Was the devil himself.



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