Bring Me Back

This is a fanfic about a 17 year old girl named Presley and Zayn Malik. She meets him at a one direction concert and something dreadful happens which causes her to die. While she is dead and trying to be revived she replays her whole life inside her head remembering her times with Zayn. Her memories might be the only thing that can save her life.


5. will you?

ive been here before. i have been to this world of blackness. this cave of grey mist. it was cold and completely dark, soundless. i could feel nothing. i felt limp and weak. i rememeber this feeling.


"next up we have 15 year old Presley Grin on floor!" my name was called. i stood up from my wooden stool and walked to the gymnastics floor in my pink and blue leotard. i started my routine. i ran and flipped, did roundoffs and side arials. then i missed my landing. i went into the air to flip and landed on my head, snapping my neck. i remember screaming bloody murder and blacking out from the pain.

i awoke in the hospital to my moms concerned face. "how long have i been out?" i asked. tears rolled down her cheaks. "3 weeks. you were in a coma. darling you broke your neck and had a terrible concussion. they didnt think you would make it." she cried. the doctor came in and showed me the x-ray of my neck. i wish i didnt see it. it looked as though someone took and hammer and tried to break every bone in my neck. "your lucky to be alive." the doctor said. he warned me to be careful. one more accident involving my neck and i could very well die.


Zayn's Pov

i was terrified as i saw Presley blink her eyelids for the first time in days. i hoped she wasnt in to much pain. she fully opened her eyes and stared at me, the lads and her mother. she looked terribly confused. "what happened?" she asked. her voice sounded frail and scratchy. we explained to her. "your lucky you didnt hurt your neck again sweetheart." her mother said. she had explained the whole story about her neck yesterday. "when can i go home?" she asked. her mother frowned. i knew where this was going. "hun you cant go home. well not back to our old home." her mom stared at a puzzled Presley. "Pres we need to move. with all the medical bills from this we cant afford to live her anymore. were going to be moving to the United States." Presleys eye welled up with tears. "we cant leave." she cried
"i got accepted into the collage of my dreams. all my friends are here. this is where i want to live!" she gasped bawling. "hun i know but-" i cut her off. "excuse me but i need to discuse something with the boys." with that the 4 of them followed me into the hall.


"cant she stay with us?" i asked. they gave me blanked stares. "Zayn we barely know the girl." Liam said. "Yeah. but she knows us. and shes amazing. i had one date with her and i already love that girl." i protested. Liams eyes widened at me admitted i loved someone. i never did that. EVER. "your not joking." he said realizing that i was serious about this. "No im not." i said. "Its up to you 3. im sold." he said pointing to Niall, Louis, and Harry. they all nodded. "then its settled." Liam said. "great! i will go tell her."

i pulled open the white door and asked Presleys mom for a moment along with her daughter. she agreed and left us. i sat on the edge of her bed and took her hand in mine. "Presley, I know you dont want to leave London, so i was hoping you would like to move in with the boys and I." she looked taken aback. she was speaking she was too much in shock. i waved my hand in front of her face 


OKIE DOKIE! whatca think about this chapter!?!? my mom came up to my room and yelled at me for being anti-social. HAHAHA. i love writing to much so i lock myself in my room put on my glasses and focas at the computer til my eyes are stuck open. not really but... you know... kay so i probally seem like a freak now so im gonna get on with it. PLEASSSSE, comment, fave and become a fan of me. i would really appreciate it. also i like recomandations for movellas to read! i like reading one direction and pregnancy stuff. haha im a little odd. mmmmkay bye :)


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